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Eddie Murphy became a star in the police film Beverly Hills Cop, and it was this license that Tynesoft used to create a game featuring four distinct sub-games, each of which can be practiced from the main screen in some versions. First Axel Foley visits a warehouse to shoot out some bad guys in a Green Beret-influenced sequence.

The second level (first on the C64 version) involves driving after 3 lorries full of weapons, and shooting them out one by one, Chase HQ-style. Avoid contact and stay on the road to complete this. Next you must cross the grounds of a mansion, shooting anyone who gets in your way.

The final section is set within the mansion, and is first-person 3D, although with few movement angles and only one enemy on screen at a time.

Oh no, it's the Crazy Frog mania! Let's shoot the frog. Actually it's the original Harold Faltermeyer's tune Axel F. And all who know which song I'm talking about will surely remember the great movie it was made for - Beverly Hills Cop, the movie that make Eddie Murphy the famous actor he is today.

And in this computer game is featuring Eddie (with your computer being the co-star), at least that's what the game credits say.

This was an OK game I used to play on C64 and it was also made for Amiga, yet I never knew it was made for the PC as well. It's still in the upper range of average, with quite nice graphics, a screeching sound and somewhat questionable interface. The game consists of 4 levels and you can play them all (one after the other) or you can select the one you want (the option screen explains this).

Level one: you need to make it out of the warehouse and into your Mercedes convertible. On the way there are baddies trying to stop you. You can kick or punch them, but you're not really good at fighting, so it's best to avoid them. Every time you hear the ringing sound you'll know it's a rolling landmine (you need to jump over it).

Level two: you need to chase down the van that got away from the warehouse. You need to steer the car, but the controls are really terrible. When you turn the wheel it will keep going in that direction, so you'll need to start pressing the opposite direction if you wish to go strait again (not pleasant at higher speeds) and if you go off the road, you'll see a spectacular crash.

Level three: you need to get in the mansion. There are guards all over the place and you need to shoot your way through them. If you look carefully, you'll see them jumping in the air before hitting their own blood-puddle on the ground (when you shoot them off course).

Level four: this is a 3D level. You'll only see white lines on the black background. The ones that look like wrapped-up candy that moves are the guards. You need to avoid or shoot them. Were it not for the final level, the game wouldn't even be worth mentioning (it's a true 3D FPS, but with very basic graphics).

All in all the game is OK, but the animation is far from smooth. You'll have problems reading the text, because it will shake too much and the animation (especially on level one) is very choppy.

Beverly Hills Cop is an adequate action game based on the hit Paramount movie of the same name that launched Eddie Murphy to stardom. The plot is simple: as member of the Los Angeles police force, your job is to catch the bad guys, obviouly.

The game comprises 4 action sequences that can be played in order, or practiced separately. These "mini-games" vary greatly in fun factor and longevity. The first sequence is a very bland platform game. Although Eddie (you) has some cool moves such as the forward somersault, blocky graphics and boring design and monotonous level design make the experience forgettable. The 3D driving sequence after this is a pleasant surprise, with colorful scenery, simple but effective car interface, and many roadside diversions. The excitement level then drops again with the third sequence: a top-down shooting extravaganza similar to Commando and countless arcade shooters, except that here the enemies are very repetitive, and ammos are very scarce. The game closes with an interesting 3D wireframe shooter that is reminiscent of Colony and, with fluid animations and controls despite sparsely populated levels. All in all, Beverly Hills Cop is an uneven game that may appeal to fans of the movies, although it won't raise any eyebrows from veteran gamers.

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