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Beethoven's 2nd is a platform game where you get a chance to wear the metaphorical shoes of Beethoven - that lovable, big dog from the movie.

Your four puppies need to be rescued and brought back to their mom. As a responsible father and guardian you'll first need to find the puppy, avoiding dangers such as bad-tempered cats, mean dogcatchers, acorns which have a habit to drop down just when you pass underneath, and careless skateboarders. You can bark at these opponents to scare them away. And if you'll find a source of water (such as a rubber hose), you can make yourself wet and then - in a tense situation - shake off the water, eliminating everyone in the vicinity. Once you find your pup, you'll find out that getting him back to his mom is no easy task. While your puppy can - thankfully - walk on his own accord when you put him down, you'll still have to carry it over obstacles, and you'll be forced to fight all the enemies again while doing it.

This is a very cute platform game based on the lovable family of St. Bernard puppies (although slightly oversized). I'm sure you all remember the movie (there were four parts made already) and now here's your chance to play the game as well.

You play Beethoven, a large furry, lovably doggie daddy, who needs to bring the lost little puppies back to the mammy bitch (don't forget that bitch simply means the female dog - so if you thought anything else, you have a dirty mind).

Every level starts with Beethoven standing next to his doggy wife and he must cross the entire level to pick up the little pup and bring him back to mammy. On the way there are dangers to be avoided and power-ups to restore your health. You have two weapons the bark and the water drops.

Barking is easy, simply press the space bar and when you release it, you bark. The longer you're holding the space bar, the stronger your bark is going to be. But the water is tricky. You can only do this while wet (when you get wet a small water drop icon will appear). If you shake while wet, you'll scare off al the enemies.

Once you collected the puppy, you need to return to the starting point and bring the puppy with you. It's hard to fight off the enemies whit a pup in the mouth, that's why you should drop him and let him walk on his own (don't worry, he wont get attacked and he will stop before an obstacle). You basically just need to carry him over the obstacles he's to small to jump over himself. When the pup is reunited with his mammy, the level is complete.

The graphics are nice, the sound is appropriate and the animations run smoothly, so the technical aspect of the game is well taken care of, still the game is missing a few things. There are four puppies altogether (meaning the game has 4 levels). This is a bit short, but then again, the game has no way of saving, so you'll have to play it from the beginning every time. This can be a nuisance, but because the game is fairly short, it won't be that bad.

It was definitely a game made with the younger gamers in mind, still older gamers can find it fun as well, if they like the cute lovably doggies. All in all the game gets a plus 3 mark from me and a high recommendation. It would get more, but it's just too short and easy to be a real challenge. The only reason why you'd return and play it again is the cute character you'll be controlling.

Walking the dog: you can move left and right (with the arrow keys), jump (press A), bark (press space), shake (press up + A), pick up/drop (down + space).

This game is simply utterly, ridiculously horrible. Woof! Not worth buying or downloading for free. In short, Beethoven's 2nd is a cutesy platformer based on a second-rate family movie about a likeable dog. You play as Beethoven, a St. Bernard out to rescue his beloved four children from another terribly pixilated, horribly drawn St. Bernard, and of course return them to their mother. The concept seems to be an entertaining one, but it doesn't deliver.

After initial "wow" effect of the bright, well-drawn cartoony graphics wears off, Beethoven's 2nd quickly degenerates into a very boring, banal gameplay. There are four levels (one for each puppy to rescue), and although the background graphics are different, they are all uniformly bad. The animations are jerky and poorly done, and Beethoven's enemies are few, and far too easy to take out (with his puny barks and billows of smoke (?) from his mouth). Boring, boring, boring-- certainly one of the worst to have come out from Hi-Tech Expresions' stable of bad games. The only thing worth noticing about the game is the fact that it's the only Real Dog game -- in both senses of the word-- on this site ;)

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