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Based on the movie. You control Bill & Ted- Rufus, a time travelling "dude" from the future, gives you use of a time-travelling telephone booth. Use the phone booth to go back in time to many different eras, collect items, and get historical "dudes" to follow you. Some "dudes" won't come unless you can bribe them with the right object. You must get them to follow you back to modern times so you can pass a history report and keep your band, the "Wyld Stallyns" together.

At the end of the game, you are graded based on time elapsed, and "dudes" accumulated.

This is yet another game I used to play on C64, but I have to agree that this version is slightly better (although not sound wise). The main characters are the famous duo Bill and Ted (you remember the movies, don't you?). They need to go back in time and prepare something excellent for their history paper otherwise they'll flunk a year.

It's now up to you to help them. You need to bring back a certain number of people (the actual number depends on the difficulty level you chose). But in order to convince them to come with you you'll have to find them, get to them, sometimes bribe them and safely bring them to the phone boot (your time machine - sounds like dr. Who).

There are phone numbers added, so you know what number to put in to come to a certain time period (visit a certain person). Some people will follow you automatically as soon as you reach them, for others you'll have to get a certain object. Don't worry it's easy to figure it out. A depressed Ludwig van Beethoven with Elvis' poster on the wall needs a music note to finish his master piece (so you need to find it) and so on. There are also some places with no apparent reason (like the ice age), but even if you break your head open, the reason will still remain unknown to you (at least it was to me).

Overall the game isn't that difficult. The puzzles are simple and most of the action scenes aren't too demanding (although I must admit I never really bothered to rescue Marie Antoinette, because that maze was just too much).

You must remember though, that the phone booth can carry one four people at a time, so after you recruited two dudes you need to take them to the mall (but don't enter yourself). Once you collected enough of them go inside the mall and wait for Missy (now that's a mom) to call and let her take you to school (with the whole menagerie).

All in all this is a nice combination of adventure and action, but too easy. The graphics are nice, but the sound is awful. This game deserves an average mark (3).

I don't know why, but the game can freeze when you go to see Billy the Kid. You don't need to collect everybody, so I suggest you leave Billy out (or try to go for him first, just in case if the game freezes).

This is a fun game featuring the Bill & Ted characters of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in the 1989 movie by Nelson Entertainment. As Bill and Ted, you're going to the same whacked-out, time-warped trip through human history seen in the movie. The goal: nab a few famous persons from history so that they can help you pass the most heinous history exam. With the aid of a traveling phone booth, you need only to dial a year and off you go, back in time.

Bill & Ted's Adventure touts itself as an arcade adventure, but the "adventuring" portions of the game are so laughably simplistic that no-one should mistake it for another LucasArts classic. The action portion, however, is quite good-- a fact that will surprise many old-timers who recall Capstone as one of the (if not THE) worst game companies ever existed. The 12 historical celebrities (ranging from Joan of Arc, to Sigmund Freud and Gengkhis Khan) are in their own time periods, replete with good background graphics and enemies appropriate for that era. Fighting thugs and finding these "dudes" are half the task-- in many cases, you'll need some object to convince them to go with you. On difficulty levels 3 and 4, you'll need more than one object. There is some (albeit minimal) educational value here, as you'll have to guess which object is wanted by whom (still, TWINKIES for Gengkhis Khan ought to make parents shake their heads in disbelief). Overall, a "light" side-scrolling game that may be mildly entertaining for fans of the movie, and is a slightly better game than Capstone's other failures.

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