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Bubble Ghost needs to blow a bubble out of his creator's castle. Your task is to guide him so as to direct the bubble through the gaps in each room. The bubble's direction is affected by which part of the ghost hits it.

Candles, fans, and other obstacles serve to make little Bubble Ghost's task harder. Bubble Ghost is invincible, but the bubble is prone to bursting if it hits anything at pace. You have five bubbles before the game is over.

When you play a computer game you usually need to take care of your character. If you fall in a trap, get shot, run out of air, etc. - you die. Well not in this game. In this game you're already dead! That's right, you play a lovable little white ghost, who's only worry is that his bubble wouldn't burst!

The concept is simple. You need to blow a bubble through the room to the other level. Being a ghost you can position yourself on every imaginable spot on the screen, but if your bubble touches anything it will explode.

To move the bubble you need to blow in it (use space to do so). The longer you hold it, the stronger the gush of wind; hence the bubble will travel a longer way. Sometimes you will need precision though, so don't blow to hard. To position yourself (you can only blow strait in front of you) you need to use the cursor keys and Q/W to rotate the ghost (you can't turn around, so to go blow the bubble to the right side of the screen you need to position yourself upside down).

The graphics of this game are nice (you get to chose them when you run the game; I suggest EGA). The levels are quite imaginative (some require you to sacrifice a bubble in order to turn off a certain item), unfortunately you need to start from the beginning every time you play the game. So although the game tends to become slightly repetitive still remains somewhat challenging. But I can't really say anything positive about the sound.

The game supports a two player mode and a practice mode (that's always a plus) and you can set your own keys to move around.

All in all I really like this game, so although it might deserve a 3, I admit I'm a bit bias and I'm giving it a 4 (I really fell in love with this little game).

Published by Infogrames in France (Europe?), and published by Accolade in most other countries, Bubble Ghost is a simple and fun action-puzzle game in which you control a ghost and have to lead your bubble by blowing through the various obstacle-filled rooms. There are over 35 rooms to blow through, with candles, fans, and other obstacles to make little Bubble Ghost's task harder. Avoid the many sharp objects and other hazards! Very cute indeed! =) One of the most addictive games of its kind. Requires a slow-down util on modern computers.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.39 MB).


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