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Fast and furious racing game taking place on a futuristic racetrack. Guide your spaceship between the pylons and shoot down other enemy racers.

Based on the arcade game (which is even more loosely based on the Buck Rogers comic strips).

Planet of Zoom is a very fast forward king of game that tried to use the popularity of the comic book hero of the future Buck Rogers, but it really could have been just any other name, since there's no real connection to Buck.

As with many arcade/action games of the early eighties you can expect a lot of speed, shooting and many levels which get progressively harder. Seeing the game is set in the future it is only logical (or at least that was the stereotype of the day) that people will use flying machines instead of ground transport and that sooner or latter you will have to fight aliens (which in the pre-E.T. era just had to be violent).

So this game is a perfect example. You fly around in a spaceship and shoot aliens.

You mustn't hit anything or else your ship explodes, you must clear a level in order to pass and in order to clear a level you either have to survive a distance (passing through a certain number of pillars - going around them won't count) or kill a certain number of baddies.

There's a counter on the top of the screen that indicates your fuel level and the number of things you need to clear (pass or shoot).

The controls are very simple (you need to use the num keys though and space), since you only move in four directions (up, down, left and right) and you get to shoot.

So what to say? It was an addictive game that quickly fell into oblivion, because it didn't stand out from the rest in any way, but it's still a pleasant time waster you might want to try, if you fancy yet another shooter.

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom is a simple but fun CGA shooter based on SEGA's arcade game of the same name. It's probably best described as Zaxxon from a first-person perspective as opposed to isometric. Gameplay is fast, fun, and furious-- you have to avoid crashing into obstacles on the ground, as well as concentrate on shooting the flying enemy ships. Smooth graphics and fluid controls make this a knuckle-blistering experience that all SEGA fans should enjoy. Recommended, especially to those who like Zaxxon but find it a little too difficult.

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