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Is there anyone who can say he is gamer, if he doesn't remember good old Pacman? That's right, this is another Pacman «adaptation». If you ask me this is one of the best Pacman «adaptaions» ever.

The game is pretty simple. All you have to do is help your cute little Pac-man collect the «pacs» which are on every step. But beware, there is always somebody who is trying to prevent you from collecting them. In order to weaken your enemies, you can pick up different helpful tools (depends of level you are playing, eg. fire, whirlpool, spheres,...). When your enemies are weakened you can eat them just like the «pacs» you eat on every level.

Every level is different from others and has special options. In order to pass to a next level you need to pass current level you are playing two times (this second time is just a routine check to see that you are capable to continue playing).

Through the entire game you have only five lives, so don't waste them too often, or you will soon stand with no-one left. In this game you don't have an option to save or load. Once you spend all your lives you have to start all over again.

Music is just classical speakers. You can't switch to sound blaster, just turn it on or off.

When you evaluate and simplify everything you get pacman in a new skin with a lot of new options, which are giving you nice atmosphere for playing and sick dependence. My mark is 4, because there should be more levels (and more lives!), music should be better, too. But when you have nothing to do turn up your «Cd-man» and enjoy it.

One of the world's most recognizable arcade game character Pac-Man finds a new form in this very cute clone. CD-Man features 5 different worlds, each featuring nicely-drawn graphics in high-res EGA mode and a new character, "The Snoofer" (which was not available in version 1.5 of the game - this download is version 2.0) Not much else to say really-- if you like Pac-Man, you'll probably love CD-Man and consider it one of the best clones ever made. If you dislike Pac-Man, there is nothing here that will make you change your mind :)


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