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Delvion Star Interceptor is a classical horizontal shooter where you must guide your small spaceship thorough diverse places in the space, meet asteroids, shoot at synchronized columns of enemies to get power-ups, enter spatial cities, etc.You will be able to select from 4 difficulty levels, and to choose your spaceship from 3 available (each one varying in speed and/or resistance). In-game there's the possibility to select alternative shoots to the default one (and shields too, by the way), for which you would have a Gradius-like system of accumulating power-ups and just activating them if you wish. Also, at the end of each level you can buy weapons with the points you have obtained from killing enemies.

Delvion Star Interceptor is a great horizontal shooter game that manages to convey a good illusion of depth with 2D graphics. The premise is typical sci-fi fare, but the gameplay is a lot of fun, with well-designed ships that move much smoother than most SHMUPs at the time.

Make no mistake, though: this is no Gradius or any of the classics you know. It is, however, a fun game that is more difficult than your average shooter. Fortunately, you can select from 4 difficulty levels, and choose your ship from 3 available (with the usual tradeoffs, e.g. one ship is fast but weak, another tough but slow, etc.) Most levels are set in space, although there are some surprises and a good diversity: in the first level, for example, you face no enemies but must navigate through the asteroid field. There are few bonus items to collect, but there is a good range of weapons you can "buy" at the end of each level with points, which you gain by destroying enemy ships. There is also a 2-player mode, although both players must take turns instead of flying ships simultaneously. Strangely enough, the game offers no joystick support. All in all, a fun game that will please all SHMUP fans, even though it sets no new standard for the genre.

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