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A time traveler from the future was stranded in Victorian England, and his knowledge of yet unknown technological inventions was passed to the Royal Society, headed by Baron Fortesque. With the help of this knowledge, Fortesque managed to construct an immensely complex artificial intelligence known as the Chaos Engine. However, creation rebelled against its creator, assimilated its mind, and turned Britain into a war zone populated by mad machines. Mercenaries are willing to enter this dangerous place and put an end to the chaos, hoping for an appropriate reward.

Chaos Engine (Soldiers of Fortune in the US) is a run-and-gun overhead shooter. Sixteen levels (in four groups of four) await the players in the game. The basic gameplay is similar to Gauntlet, but in an open air setting, with bridges across rivers and other features in the maps. The visuals are in the 'metallic and blue' style Bitmap Brothers appeared to favor.

There are six characters available in the game, each with different strengths and weaknesses, and different starting prices. In two-player mode each player chooses a character and plays co-operatively, but in one-player games the player also chooses a character for the computer to control, with its artificial intelligence allowing it to open doors, pick up power-ups and take on enemies away from the ones occupying the player-controlled character.

Somewhere in the future a brilliant scientist... messes things up!

By combining his exceptional brain power and some fancy new-age computer (and by twisting some fundamental laws of physics), he creates a machine that warps the core of reality itself. THE CHAOS ENGINE! A machine so foul and treacherous that it turns on its master and the rest of the world as well, turning both humans and animals into ravaging monsters. Only six men have the courage, the smarts and the gun-power to fight this menacing invention. Each of them have their own special characteristics, their own weapons and their own personal attacks... and their own unique way of killing time (and beastly beasts).

Along their way to glory and a better future for all mankind, these rugged heroes must face a total of sixteen missions before they can finally call it a day and try to find something else to shoot at. For these guys will shot almost anything and anyone. Luckily for them they will find lots of new gadgets lying around each level that will either enhance their shooting performance or give them that needed extra life. The only thing that would have made these trigger-happy psycho-maniacs smile even wider would be to go all out together, but unfortunately they can only cause mayhem in pairs.

This is where you enter the arena. By controlling one of them you will be responsible for their actions, so sharing this burden with a friend would be a good idea. Remember, if everything blows up, you can always blame your friend. Just try to enjoy the graphic and sound as well.

The game is cracked and there is even a cheat program included for those of you who likes that sort of thing.

From one of the masters of the action genre comes this excellent top-down action game that is fun in solo mode and exceptional in 2-player. Choose from a handful of mercenaries, each with his/her own weapons, for a blitz through forests, enemy camps, and beyond. The trigger-happy, kill-everything-in-sight idea is implemented to perfection, with tons of power-ups, secret items, and cool sound effects. In a departure from most action games, Chaos Engine was designed as multiplayer from the ground up - when playing in one player mode, the computer would take control of the other character, forcing a style of gameplay that was both co-operative and competitive, similar in many ways to the arcade classic Gauntlet. The soundtrack also reacted to how well the players were doing in the game.

Shoot em up, seen from above, very cool, play wth friend or with computer.

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