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If It Moves, Shoot It! is a vertical-scrolling shooter in the tradition of such arcade hits as Xevious and Raiden. As is the case with most titles in the genre, players must pilot a spaceship against overwhelming odds to save the galaxy from an alien threat. The attacks come from all sides of the screen as players skillfully dodge an assortment of hazards while flying across colorful planet surfaces. The game's triangular vessel comes equipped with forward firing lasers, but in true shooter fashion, more powerful weapons can be acquired within each stage, from diagonal and pulse shots to plasma beams and spread shots. In addition to an assortment of aliens to battle, players must navigate their way past dust storms, skeletal remains, hives, craters, tentacles, and other exotic elements. If It Moves, Shoot It! supports both joystick and keyboard controls, and includes three continues for players to resume their heroic exploits without having to start anew.

It is up to you to combat the Korts and free the lost settlers in this classic-style top-down shooter. Newer and more advanced weapons are available the more waves of aliens you destroy. And remember the advice of your forefathers: If it moves, shoot it!

If It Moves, Shoot It! is a classic top-down shooter by Emerald Software. The graphics in general are very well drawn, especially the detailed level backgrounds. One of the few classic shoot-em ups on the PC. The title says it all, I guess. It is up to you to combat the Korts and free the lost settlers on an alien planet that resembles Mars. Newer and more advanced weapons are available as you destroy more waves of aliens. Nothing fancy or unique here, but the game takes the idea of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" to heart and ends up being a very addictive shooter that's easy to get into, but not so easily out of. A must-have for every shooter fan!

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