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Space Chase is a shareware side scrolling platform game in three parts, each with smoothly scrolling 16 color graphics. Part One was released as shareware with the full game being available for purchase. Later episode three was released individually as Space Chase 3. The game's emphasis is on a combination of action and adventure. The levels are maze-like and the player will need to locate objects such as keys, switches, and moving platforms to get through.

The three episodes in this game are Part One: City Under Seige Agent Jason Storm has just receives his toughest assignment. He must locate Evil Guys Inc. and destroy them and all their forces before they take control of the planetary government. Part Two: Fortress of Doom The battle continues on the island stronghold of Evil Guys Inc. Part Three: Showdown on Orbit The leaders of the "Evil Guys" ave managed to escape, and now they have retreated to a heavily fortified fortress above the earth. It is up to Major Jason Storm to secretly enter the fortress and stop them before the people on earth are destroyed. There are ten levels in this episode.

The only platformer developed by Safari Software, Jason Storm in Space Chase is a decent 2D side-scrolling platformer similar to Duke Nukem and Bio Menace. The game follows the exploits of Jason Storm, intrepid galactic adventurer, as he explores alien worlds and space stations. Like Duke Nukem, Jason Storm combines typical side-scrolling action with some puzzle elements, such as finding the right key for the right door, etc. The game looks and plays well, but compared to other shareware classics it's pretty much an average game that doesn't offer anything new. Well worth a look only if you are a die-hard fan of Epic Megagames, and interested in knowing what Safari designers were doing before they made classic 2D shooters like Seek & Destroy.

Note: This download includes all three episodes: the first shareware one, and two others that came with the registered version.

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