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You are an explorer trying to gather green gems from more than 100 small dungeons. You have a jetpack and an electric...tazer, phaser, whatever. Your jetpack consumes fuel and extra fuel can be found over the map. You can also pick up enemy freezers and invulnerability powerups. Your tazer thing can cut through some materials to get through the level successfully, but it cannot hurt enemies. You can also use teleporters and ladders. Ice and grass can hinder your progress.

Jetpack is an old game, that has become freeware (abandonware) a few years ago. This game is fun and challenging. The goal in jetpack is to collect all the green gems in the level to open the exit door. Along the way are evil robots that want to kill you.

Levels are built to make the player think. In the levels are different types of terrain, some are destructable with your phaser, others are not. Also levels contain things like ladders, and teleporters and barriers which need to be deactivated with switches. Monsters can use teleporters and switches.

The main way the player moves around is with the jetpack. Some levels though make you get your jetpack before you can fly. You have a set amount of fuel so don't waste it all.

The enemies in jetpack all have there abilities. Trackbots can move around and go up ladders and in teleporters. Springs only go up and down. Missels go in a set pattern. Spikes only move diagnolly, ect. These mosters can't be killed. The game has nice graphics but the enemies/player look pixelish. Sound in the game is ok, with many "death sounds" too.

One of the cool features in Jetpack is the editor. You can create your own levels and play them as much as you want. The editor is easy to use and levels can be made quicly. Another feature is the "Boss" key. This would pause the game and put you in a fake MS-DOS command prompt so your boss wouldn't see you are playin games (More games should have this lol). Kinda useless now but still a cool feature.

This is a fun puzzle game worth to check out.

Taken from the developer's site "Jetpack was an immediate hit when it was released in 1993, and a cult following grew internationally. I received a ton of mail and submissions by people creating their own jetpack levels. The built in level editor is one of the most popular features - over 1000 levels have been created. Some teachers bought Jetpack because they considered the editor to be educational, encouraging their students' creativity. Jetpack was the top selling game for both publishers that carried it (Software Creations and Impulse Games). Jetpack runs fine on an 8086, and surprisingly well on today's computers!"

Jetpack mostly reminds me of a good but simple Commodore 64 game since the gameplay is very simply but still highly addictive. The levels are easy enough so a beginner still has a good chance of completing the game and each new levels offers just a bit harder gameplay without making it too difficult which I really like in games. After some levels you get a bit bored though as the game basics really doesn't change and each level is just "the cat after the mouse" where you have to collect the needed items without being caught by the robot or monsters.

Jetpack is a decent arcade game but it quickly gets boring because of the very simple gameplay but there are certain levels that are really a challenge. Because of the included level editor that are quite a few great levels created by other players so if you need an additional challenge in the game head over to the developers' website and download additional levels.

Released in the early 90's, Jetpack is a game where you are an adventurer who explores different levels with a jetpack strapped to your back. The levels are full of treasures including crystals and golden coins and also dangers including marble worms and robots. Your mission is to collect all the green crystals on each level and get through the door without getting killed. Each level is a full screen size with small graphics. There is also an option to create your own levels and thrash them out too! Very addictive!

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