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Jill of the Jungle 2 is the second in the Jill of the Jungle trilogy. It follows the same concept, but includes new graphics, somewhat improved animation and completely new levels and musical soundtrack.

In this particular game, after having explored the depth of the mysterious jungle, Jill proceeds into Montezuma's castle and indeed goes underground in the attempt to rescue her Prince. Gameplay is side-viewed and platform-style, with hazards to overcome include fiure-breathing enemies and spikes. Jill can transform into various creatures to help her escape; when in human form she is limited to her trusty knife.

Released by Epic MegaGames, Jill Goes Underground is the second installment in the series depicting the Amazon's famous female adventurer. It follows the concept of the first installment, but includes new graphics and improved animation, with completely new levels and soundtrack.

In the first game, Jill was battling her way through the jungle. Now she has landed in a mystical mushroom grove, and you must guide her into the Underground and through Montezuma's Castle. Ultimately, you'll even have to help her escape the depths of heck before she reaches the land of eternal weirdness! Dangers and ordeals abound!

There are several new elements in this game which set it apart from the first one. There is no "map" level, so all levels are played sequentially with no break in-between.

There are also new enemies: caterpillars, jumping ants, bats, hard-to-kill demons, and new and improved crocodiles (these are bigger and tougher). There are a few bunnies on the first level, but they're not the cute kind - they're more the Monty Python kind (those that go for your throat and won't let go once latched on). Old enemies, such as the firebirds, are still present, but they're smarter and faster. Jill will be counting on you to help her through these perils!

Sound hard? Well, that's because it IS a little harder than Jill of the Jungle in some ways. There are mazes that will leave you scratching your head in frustration, but it's not really that hard once you get the hang of it. And the secret to killing those tough demons is using the spinning blade instead of those teensy knives. Timing of jumps and movement is essential to your success as well. Once that's covered, the game is pretty much straightforward and can be completed in less than an hour. There are nineteen levels and one bonus level.

The graphics are pretty much on par with the first installment, but there are new places to see and new foes to battle, so they did have to redraw a few things. The results are very pleasing, with my ultimate favorite being the mystical mushroom grove. Oh, and Jill is now wearing a red suit instead of the green one she wore in Jill of the Jungle. As for the soundtrack, music is new and the sound effects have also been changed (which isn't disorienting at all) to add a bit of freshness to the game.

All in all, it's a worthy sequel to Jill of the Jungle.

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