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The final installment in the Jill of the Jungle trilogy features improved animations, new graphics, new music, new levels and a myriad of new enemies. It also features a map-based world which does not exist in the first two games.

The story thus far: after having explored the jungle and defeated the forced of darkness in the first two games, Jill must endure another quest in order to save the jungle from being destroyed: Jill must save the prince, who has been kidnapped by an evil green lizardman who wishes to destroy the jungle and build condos instead. Unless Jill saves the prince, he will succeed in his evil cause.

Jill returns in the third installment of Epic MegaGames' Jill of the Jungle series, entitled Jill Saves the Prince. And this time, she's wearing a spanking new blue suit!

This game is the finale of the trilogy that led Jill from her jungle home, through the dangerous Underground, and now towards her Prince. But there's one tiny detail: her beloved handsome Prince is held prisoner by a group of lizardmen, and it's up to her to free him. That's certainly putting a spin on the classic tale of a damsel in distress!!

Jill Saves the Prince is much like its predecessors. The engine is the same, so gameplay in each level is similar to what you've previously encountered. There is, however, a new "world map" which you must use to travel from one level to the next (levels are represented by little huts).

Now while this concept is appealing, its implementation in Jill Saves the Prince is less than pleasant. Jill looks like nothing more than a tiny flashy-blue ant, and towards the end of the game, walking distance between levels can be quite long and tedious. In retrospect, it would have been better to stick with one alternative from the previous installments (either a map resembling a level, or simply change the levels in quick succession). However, this drawback should not be sufficient to deter you from playing the game.

There are a couple of new enemies in this one, such as the leopard seals, and of course the lizardmen who hold your one true love prisoner. Gameplay is relatively the same though. You still have to explore different areas, find keys to open locked doors, or gems to free up blocked passages. You still have to avoid falling into lava, water, or onto pointed spikes. Apples are still available, scattered throughout the levels, to rejuvenate you should your health run low. Jill can also still turn into a firebird, fish, or frog, should the occasion call for it.

There's only a small amount of new music content, as the game uses a lot of tracks from the first episode and some from the second, but there are a few new music sounds. Opening the Noisemaker in the main menu will allow you to explore each and every one of those by banging away happily on your keyboard.

In conclusion, this game is a "must have" if you wish to complete the trilogy and finally reunite Jill and her Prince!

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