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An alien race watched the wars on Earth as television shows. After a period of peace threatens the ratings, two alien scientists go back in time on various continents of the planet and start to deploy modern weaponry on them. When they return to the present, Earth is engulfed in chaos. A British scientist discovers the conspiracy and using his new invention, the soul transfer machine, sends a boy called Billy to be incarnated on a native of the different time periods.

Legends is an action-adventure with Zelda-inspired gameplay. The player controls a character pertinent to the time period (an American Indian from 1400 A.D. - America, a knight from medieval England, a Chinese warrior from Imperial China, an Egyptian acolyte from ancient Egypt, and Billy in the alien spaceship). These characters collect objects and coins to buy items, weapons to fight the enemies and hearts to increase the health bar (located on the top-left of the screen). Pressing 1, 2 and 3 switches between the available weapons. Other characters provide clues and level objectives. Each epoch has bosses to be defeated and mini-games (for example, on the Chinese level there's a race on the Great Wall). After solving each time period, the game displays a password that can be entered at the start on the main screen. There is no form of saving progress while playing the main game.

Are you ready for a good time? Are you ready for a fine time? If you are, you're well-prepared. If you aren't, you better hurry up, because once you start Legends, you'll have the time of your life.

The Earth was made as an experiment of aliens, for scientific research and cheap entertainment value. However, the threat of a wave of peace over the Earth is growing at an alarming rate, so the aliens decide to take 20 minutes time out of their life and travel the world and through time, handing out high-powered weapons to some sides, while not to others, creating a great unbalance which will keep their entertainment going. You play as Billy, the nephew of a professor, who happened to have found the same way of time traveling as the aliens, and, although not aware of their influence, they did notice something odd. Your uncle sends you out to take over natives' bodies and rid the world of this disturbance, so peace can once again flourish.

Legends' graphics and gameplay are highly reminiscent of Zelda. It's got the same graphical style, with bright, cheerful colours and cartoon-ish, top-down characters. The gameplay's more action/exploration-oriented than Zelda, though. You'll be walking from one part of the country to another to fetch items, beat bosses, build up your life again, etc. Also, after beating a boss, you'll get a small, timed mini-game. What the game is, depends on the period and country you landed in. Some are whack-a-mole clones, while others are platformers. You'll know when you see.

The controls of Legends are a bit awkward. You use Z and X to move left and right, and P and L to move up and down. Spacebar shoots, Enter opens the inventory screen, F1 shows your map, F2 recalls the last message and F12 changes gamma brightness.

Is there anybody who wants to travel around the world and through time, all at the same time? Grab your chance now, then, and play Legends, before it's too late!

Probably the most obscure game from now-defunct developer Krisalis, Legends is an average Zelda-style overhead action/RPG hybrid that has none of the charms of Nintendo's classic. The game's best feature is the plot, which is long and quite interesting despite being little more than a stylish variant of a typical "kill the big foozle" plot found in countless RPGs. Similar to Zelda, you control the hero from an isometric/overhead perspective, as he moves around a vast fantasy world. The action takes place in real time, and your character will gain more strength, weapons, and life points as he kills enemies. The keyboard interface is cumbersome to say the least: you need to use the keys Z, X, P, and L to move - and there is no way to change this awkward default. The SPACEBAR is used to shoot weapons, and you can switch between different weapons in the game.

Despite a vast gameworld and an interesting plot, Legends suffers from a very mediocre gameplay. The enemies are few and far between, and the gameplay rarely rises above the tedium of shooting everything in sight and overturning obstacles to find hidden treasures. It is therefore not surprising that this game, as well as its Amiga version, is very little known even among admirers of Krisalis games. One to avoid.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (447 MB).


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