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Prehistorik is a side-view platform game with superficial similarity to Chuck Rock, although the games were developed simultaneously in different countries. You control a neanderthal who must march through hostile pre-historic environments seeking food and keeping himself safe. Some food can be found in caves, but it mainly exists in living animal forms.

These include fire-breathing Pyro-Tax dragons, the Turtosaurus, and the Bad Bat. Each of these must be clubbed to death, some taking up to 5 hits, and then walked over. Some other enemies are indestructible, with the monkeys who throw coconuts at you particularly fiendish.

You will have to complete the level within the time limit, and avoid contact with these foes. However, bombs and improved weapons can be collected, as can extra lives, time bonuses and an improved jump.

"Hello, I am a caveman. It is not easy to live a long life nowadays, and because of that, people are forgotten quite quickly, which is the reason why I am writing this journal. I hope you will not get bored reading it!"

"There is not much to do here, so most of the time I am just sitting on a tree or sleeping. Sometimes I get hungry and I need to go find something to eat when that happens. I like to travel to find food as many interesting things happen during these times, but I do not like being hungry!"

"I have visited many, many places in my life: I have been in the mountains and in the forest, and I have even traveled to a distant land covered in snow and walked through a volcano. Do not go to a volcano kids, this is a really dangerous place and it is really hot inside there!"

"When my stomach is full, I am full of energy and I feel like I could beat up a really big dinosaur. When I feel like that I go to an arena, a place where I fight really BIG monsters for my life. Because of their size, it is not that easy and I need to use my brain to find their weak spot, but when I do, I hit them like a madman."

"The arena fights are not the only fights I have. On every journey I go on, I meet many dangerous creatures like bears and dinosaurs, but that is not all! In every place I've been there are different creatures: snakes in the jungle, penguins in a snowy area, and funny men inside a volcano - after hitting them their head goes inside their body. You do not know why I hit these animals? They could eat me, so I have to defend myself! I also do not like sharp plants and bushes - these hurt my feet. There are more things I dislike: monkeys and snowmen, as they are always hiding behind trees and throwing things at me."

"It is fun to walk inside caves as I can find food in almost every one. I do not know why other people leave their food inside without protection, but stealing it is an easy way to eat. If you notice a sign inside a cave, do not walk through another exit as it can take you to places you have already seen, and that is boring."

"Sometimes a scary person shows up. He disappears quickly - that is the most horrifying thing - but sometimes I manage to hit him before he does, and something always falls out of his pocket. These are useful things, like a hammer, or a thing that goes boom. I do not like that guy."

"Did I write something about music I like? There is a tune I have in my head and I hum it during my travels: lalalala lalalala. This melody is really nice. The places I visit are also very pretty. Now I think I am an artist as I like pretty places and good music. It is really fun to travel, hit dinosaurs, and collect food. I hope one day you will try it and see how good it is!"

Prehistorik, a member of the T-Bone tribe, is hungry and ready for a branco lunch! Armed with Diner-Club, his faitful frazzler, he sets off on his food-spotting expedition. Follow Prehistorik from the unexplored ice-field of Antartica, the darkend mysterious caverns of the shady continent to the lush jungles of the Tropics.

"Eat and beat your way through 150 screens of awesome, nourishing fun and relive the Prehistorik epic in this incredible platform game. Armed with your Diner Club Anticus, proven to be the ancestor of the baseball bat, you start in pursuit of the Hilarious Maxidocus and take on armies of hairy spiders. Explore the virgin icefields of Antarctica, lush tropic jungles, and the dark and mysterious caverns of the shady continent. Don't worry about beatin' and meatin', it's for the good of the T-bone tribe. The hunt for lunch is on; come and get it!" -- Ad Blurb.

Prehistorik is a solid conversion of Titus' Amiga platform hit. The game's highlights are the zany humor, inventive levels, and humorous antics of both your caveman and the enemies. What I like in particular about the game is the many creative weapons you can find and use, as well as secret paths that lead to bonus items. The music is also quite catchy, and better than most games of its type (unfortunately, the PC music, as usual, can't compare to the rocking tune of Amiga version).

The sequel Prehistorik 2 boasts even better graphics, as well as all-new levels and monsters. It also removes a semi-annoying requirement in Prehistorik that you must collect a certain amount of food before proceeding to the next level. This makes the game more fun, as you no longer need to roam around levels over and over, looking for that one last food. Overall, both games are fun, "feel-good" platformers that provide just the right level of challenge for the dexterity challenged (like me), with fun levels that are difficult, but not too difficult to frustrate you. Both are highly recommended!

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