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As the title states, you're a part of a police force established to fight the cartels dealing in narcotics (drugs). Obviously such a cartel has an island of their own as well as their own military forces. But just make sure they're secure, they have everything hidden in the underground tunnels (which is really handy against the air-raids).

But no matter how hard they try, they can't get away from you! You enter the tunnel system shooting everything in site and put a stop to their criminal activities. Well at least that's what you'll be trying to do. It's not as easy as you may think. The opposing forces outnumber you by far and you'll need to be quite trigger happy to succeed.

The first thing you need to do is to redefine the keys. I don't know why, but the arrow keys simply won't work. Well just choose something that feels comfortable. It's a slight nuisance that you'll have to redefine the keys every time you start the game, but it's not that big of a draw back.

Next you can see the map of the island and the tunnels. You can set the teams to certain tunnels, but it doesn't really matter. You'll need to clear all the tunnels anyway in order to win and this may prove tricky, because there's no real map of the tunnel system (I guess the cartel classified it as top-secret). You do have a compass that shows you in which direction you're going and you can try to orientate accordingly, but the tunnels are quite similar, so you get lost easily.

Now every time you encounter enemy forces, you'll stop. You won't be able to walk further. Usually you'll have just a split second to react and shoot (especially if you're faced with a larger group of enemies). You can shoot strait, to the left, to the right and at the sealing. With the down key you can switch between the weapons (you have two of them when you start). You can move left and right across the tunnel though (and you should if a bomb is thrown at you, because if you're in area of explosion you won't last long, but obviously they're throwing some firecrackers, because just a foot or two away you're out of the blast effect), but I suggest you stay close to a wall.

Every now and again you'll come to a cross point between tunnels. This is where it's easy to get lost. You should try and draw a map of the tunnel system to be able to orientate yourself.

This is more or less it for this game. It's a solid shooter, but an interactive map would really come in handy. I also miss some mission briefings to begin with. Oh well, I guess you can't have it all, but this does effect the overall mark I'm giving this game. It has good graphics, the sound effects are suitable, but nothing special, but because of the previously mentioned downsides it get no more then a weak three (read 2.7).

This game shows where 3D-Shooters come from. Take this as an early attempt. Pretty simple thing, not very interesting over a longer time, but a sure must-try for 3D-Shooter-Fans. It's not bad as an action-game, but there's nothing really new in it except the 3D-aspect. It's not even 'real' 3D as you aren't able to turn 360 degrees, but anyway - quite enjoyable for one or two rounds.

The story? Ah well... as far as I know you are fighting against a drug-cartel on a pacific (?) island - something like that. At least there are several tunnels on this island you got to clean from the paramilitaristic forces trying to kill you.

Narco Police is an early version of the quite popular action genre there is today. Of course not with very good graphics and it doesn't get near a game like Wolfenstein 3D. Even though the game got several good idea in the game they haven't been carried out very well. It makes the game pretty dull.

You play as a cop in the future and your mission is run around in different mazes hunting criminals. The game contains several different mazes and missions but it's pretty much the only thing in the game you have to do all the time. And with the poorly done interface in the game it's not much you are able to view in front of your character. There are all these different things to the left and right making your view much smaller but at least the actual radar/scanner that you use is working well and it makes it possible to get a very good overview of where you are and where the enemies are. There are also several different items included that makes the game a bit more fun. But this is only some of the few good things in the game.

As mentioned Narco Police doesn't offer more than the average game and I can understand why Narco Police never got further regarding publicity about the game. Both the graphics and sounds are below average compared to the period and there are too few things to do in the game. Only recommended for the true shoot 'em up fans as other gamers will probably stop the game after 20 minutes.

Narco Police is a fun 3D action game long before 3D is all the rage. As member of the futuristic police team, your mission is to fight drug gangs on various planets, arresting gangsters hidden in deep underground hideouts. Lot of futuristic weapons and items, including a cool scanner you are equipped with make this a fun game despite repetitive mazes.


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