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Be a member of an elite Navy Special Warfare force with Navy SEAL for your home computer. The game will send you on three missions: Operation GODZILLA, Operation LOCHNESS, and Operation KING KONG.

In Operation GODZILLA, you must parachute to a supply raft and collect supplies, swim underwater while avoiding or eliminating sharks and other hazards, battle guards waiting at the dock, and destroy an enemy depot by setting charges in sequential order.

Operation LOCHNESS has you jumping from a helicopter, diving to a submarine by tracking its homing device, and shutting down a submarine by zeroing out a control panel with four rows of periodically changing digits.

In Operation KING KONG, you must climb down a rope to enter a river, swim up the river to a pier while avoiding patrols and natural hazards (such as rocks), battle guards and locate the ambassador, steal and commandeer a boat, and get the ambassador aboard the helicopter.

While on land, you are equipped with grenades, a U.S. Navy underwater knife, a Stoner M63A4 machine gun with a 150-round magazine, and a Smith and Wesson Mark 22, Model O, 9mm automatic pistol with silencer and single shot action up to 30 rounds-per-minute with a modified 20-round clip. Underwater operations provide you with the knife, the grenades, and a spear gun.

Certain activities, such as parachuting and free-fall jumping, require monitoring things such as timing and altitude instead of using weapons. The SEAL in Navy SEAL is an acronym for Sea, Air and Land. Do you have what it takes to brave these three elements while executing missions and fighting off enemy after enemy?

Marginally above-average "realistic" military action game in the style of MicroProse's venerable Airborne Ranger, except not even half as fun. Your role, from MobyGames' description, is to: "...[take] the role of a navy SEAL operative and embark in 3 missions involving terrorists, hostages, and the like. The plot is fairly nonexistent, since each mission is independent from the rest. Each mission has several "portions" with different types of game mechanics, making the game almost a series of mini-games. The most predominant type of gameplay, however, consists of side-scrolling arcade action with some realistic twists (no power-ups, lives, or other stuff like that)." Fun for a short while, but repetitiveness and simplistic gameplay make for very little replay value.

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