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After the success of Pinball Dreams on several systems, a sequel featuring four new tables was created. The gameplay is much the same as the first game, with realistic physics, multi-player options and a high score table to aim for. The tables are Partyland, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Gameshow and Stones 'n' Bones, taking in a funfair, racing cars, a tacky game-show, and a graveyard. Each one has a range of ramps, combos, light sequences and targets to shoot, as well as general themes which are less influenced by real tables than those in Pinball Dreams.

The plot is simple. There's a little girl in big trouble, but she doesn't know it yet. But once things start happening a young boy comes along and they get into... For crying out loud - it's a PINBALL game. There is no plot. You get a few balls, shoot them out of the tube one by one and try to bounce them before they sink between your flippers. It's not something to stretch your brains, but it is a lot of fun! You'll need reflexes too!

The sounds and the graphics for this game are absolutely brilliant. You get four nicely drawn pinball tables and you play on them.

Party Land: is the first one. On this table, you are at an amusement park and must shoot the ducks, do the crazy loops, hit the cyclones and score as much as you can.

Speed Devils: is the second one. There you need to speed up the gears, go off road... And again score as much as you can.

Billion Dollars: is the third one. Here you are taking part at a game show. You must try and win a TV, or a trip, or a lot off money... and - you've guessed it - score as much as possible.

Stones'n'Bones: is the last table. Here you'll get a lot of ghosts and ghouls and try to score (surprise, surprise) as much as possible.

You're playing with left and right shift (or ctrl or alt buttons). You can bump the table with space and you launch the ball with the down arrow.

All in all it's a good pinball that's easy on the eyes and ears and it's really fun to play. Prepare yourself to lose a few hours every day trying to beat that best score you just set. The only reason I didn't award this game with a five mark is the fact that you don't get to see the whole table at once (but the graphic runs smooth enough, so there's no real problem there).

The game supports up to 8 players, but you have to take turns behind the keyboard ;)

Pinball Fantasies is an excellent sequel to Pinball Dreams, featuring yet again four brand-new multi-screen tables to play on. The tables are called Party Land, Speed Devils, Billion Dollar Game Show and Stones and Bones. As the titles suggest, the tables are based on four very different themes and are at least as good as in the previous game. This PC conversion, released over a year after Digital Illusions' Amiga game, was done by Frontline Design and they've done a wonderful job! The graphics are as colourful as the AGA Amiga version and there are two screen-modes to choose from. A standard low-res VGA mode and a tweaked hi-res mode (a bit poor looking). Sounds and the fantastic music are identical, replayed by a MOD driver. And of course, the excellent gameplay is still there. Don't miss this one if you like pinball games, it's one of the best. In 1995, Digital Illusions released Pinball Illusions (again ported by Frontline Design), which topped the genre yet again.

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