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Psycho Pinball is another pinball game in the style first introduced in Pinball Dreams and later popularized in Pinball Fantasies. Standard features of these types of pinball simulations include an animated backglass display, multiple bonuses including a multi-ball, extra ball, etc., and background music that changes based on active specials.

There are three main tables: The Abyss (Aquatic theme) Trick or Treat (Horror theme) Wild West (Western theme) An additional gimmick is a fourth Psycho Pinball table (circus theme) that has bonuses that can launch you to the other three tables, leading to massively high scores (and very long gameplay times).

I have to say that ouor site has gained a real pinball fan who contributes pinball game archives to the site. It is WolverineDK, who has this time supplied the Psycho Pinball.

This is yet another great pinball game all the lovers of the genre need to try.

It's loud and colorful, smoothly animated with almost real physics on the ball and the ability to slam the machine from either side in order to prevent the ball from sliding where you don't want it to go. You slam the machine with both shifts and deflect the ball with both control buttons.

Needles to say the game supports multiplayer and there's even less need to say that the multiplayer option consists of a hot seat where you and up to three more friends have to take turns (can't really imagine two people playing pinball simultaneously on the same table).

There's naturally some variety of the tables, where you get different settings, different targets and different scoring system, but every one of them is fun it its own right. The sounds vary from table to table to create the appropriate feeling, so you'll hear either lots of bubbles (maybe even bursting when the ball is sunk) or witches laughing with high pitched voices (probably at your bad performances, of which I'm sure you'll have only few).

There are four tables altogether:

Trick or Treat: As the name itself suggests it's a Halloween themed table with witches and carved pumping all around.

The Wild West: You're a horse ridding, lasso swinging, six-shooter carrying ... err ... pinball ball?! Yup, yer aimin' to shoot that there high score, you are partner!

The Abyss: It has nothing to do with the sci-fi movie of an alien ship being deep under the ocean's surface... well, except for taking place deep under the ocean's surface. So I guess the term sleeping with the fishes isn't just another mob phrase (at least not in this case).

Psycho: Now here's a real treat for you! Unlike the rest of the tables (you'll see that when you select other tables you'll get a message playing on the single table) this is a multi table game. Now this is the true unique feature of Psycho Pinball and it's possible only here, on the Psycho table. That's right, this is the table where you can leave the circus and land on any other of the previously mentioned three tables (which can really boost your high score).

All in all a very good pinball game that will certainly waste a lot of your time.

Psycho Pinball is a very good pinball game indeed. Probably the best one i ever played. It features 4 great tables to play on : Psycho, Trick or Treat, Wild West or The Abyss. Each table can be played, but what makes this game special? If you play the Psycho table, which is like a cirkus, you can gain access to the other tables through it, and 'warp' from table to table. There's a whole lot of different things to achieve at each table.

The game has great sound and graphics, and a very configurable system for making it harder or easier in more ways. Normally i'm not into pinball games, but this game got me playing alot anyway. This is really worth a download. Great game!

Psycho Pinball is a vastly underrated pinball game that will please both beginners and experts alike. Developed by Codemasters and published by Phillips Media, the game offers 4 fun tables, good music, and a clear digital voice that guide you to extra points and jackpots.

Similar to most other pinball games, and Extreme Pinball in particular, you play Psycho Pinball from a top-down perspective, seeing half of the table on the screen, which then scrolls up or down to track the ball. The four tables are Psycho, Trick or Treat, The Abyss, and Wild West. In addition to having different settings and goals, they vary in difficulty level. What sets Psycho Pinball apart from other pinbal games is the bonus games you can play if you get the ball in the right hole. These bonus games are played at the bottom of the screen, and give you extra points. The table are "linked" in a sense that you can go to the other tables if you get the ball in the correct spot.

Aside from fun bonus games, Psycho Pinball has all the trappings that will keep pinball fans hooked for a long time. The game features a three ball multiball, a realistic tilt, and progressive game play targets with rewards. Up to four players can play on each table. Also included are twelve different surface types of varying friction like rubber and metal, over 200 sound effects, three difficulty levels with five speed options from Fogey to Psycho, and excellent animations. Good graphics, clearly stated goals, and plenty of on-line help will introduce newbies to the genre, while veterans will have fun with all-around solid gameplay and bonus games. Recommended!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (25.5 MB).


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