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The Planet Novenia has been attacked by the Egrons, who snuck in by disguising their craft as the protected Starglider species, which Novenia's automated defenses were programmed not to shoot.

Your task is to fight them off using only an obsolete Airborne Ground Attack Vehicle. This was designed as the ultimate combat machine, with sophisticated hardware up to Draziw Yarg's high standards. It has a fully-rechargeable shield, plasma drive unit, an inbuilt scanner and 10,000-sector map, a top speed of 2550 Urads and two homing missiles.

The game is viewed from within AGAV's cockpit, with control over speed, weapon targeting and firing. There are several control options to decide exactly how the craft works, with fixed or floating sighting, and the option of automatic centering, allowing you to balance the game between easy sighting and advanced shooting ranges.

Repair depots must be visited frequently, as they can refill the weapon bays as well as repairing the ship. Crucially, the Egron Stargliders need 3 missiles to shoot down, so at least 1 visit to a depot is required to complete this job, at which point you move up to the next, harder, level.

Back in the days when plot was secondary to the fun, a game called Starglider was made. As the title suggests you're in command of a glider that's among the stars and you need to blast the living daylights out of everything in site.

You've got two types of weapons. There's the canon and there's the missile. When you fire a missile you get to guide it to the target, when you fire you simply hit what you aimed at. Just make sure you didn't fire the missile in vain (and I'm not kidding with this one)!

Some targets require more shots then others, some will even fire back. Some are really though, and trust me, the further you progress the tougher they get.

The controls of the game are simple. You move up, down, left, right and shoot (fire a missile). There's a compas on the top of the screen showing your heading and there's a radar screen at the bottom, showing the bandits you need to shoot.

The sounds are basic but do the job (you get different sounds for hitting into stuff and blowing stuff up). Graphics include only four colors, but you get to select the CGA color palette at the beginning of the game, where you also select your input device. Oh, and before I forget, the first thing you get to select is the language (the game is in German and English), not that there's much of it.

It's a nice little shoot-them-all-up game, but I'm not sure how long you'll be able to stare at the purple dots moving all around, before you're eyes start to hurt. Still the game gets an average mark of three, because apart from the 3D feel (which wasn't new anymore at the time) the game doesn't offer anything some other shoot them up wouldn't.

Such a nice little game - you wouldn't expect a smooth 3D-Sim from a game made back in 1986, would you? Well - surprise surprise! They really created a masterpiece here - the game itself is quite enjoying - although it's "only" shooting everything that moves. Your glider flies perfectly and the steering is accurat - absolutely no complaints. In this section the game doesn't need to hide from any of today's sims. Of course you can't really compare the line graphics of this game to the 3D stuff they are able to create nowadays - but who cares? This is just a gem you can play to kill your aggressions and it runs EVERYWHERE - you don't even need a slowdown program for it! I wish I could personally tell those programmers how well they did - so if one of them reads this - please drop me a line - ingenious piece of work!

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