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A pinball simulator for home computers. Tristan Pinball features a single medieval-themed board (hence the title) displayed in a single screen with score and bonus indicators filling the rest of the screen. Includes multiplayer hot-seat support in which each player plays a ball and switches when losing and also features the ability to nudge and "tilt" the machine, besides regular paddle controls.

Solid State PINBALL Tristan by Amtex, is... Well it is a Pinball as we all can guess. And the game is from 1991/1992 and the first picture that pops up when you start up the game is a blue screen, but no worries it isn't the famous blue screen of death ;-)

It's just the start-up screen where the music comes with a fanfare of horns, and about a moment later you are in the game. Where you control the two flippers with the left and right shift buttons. And you shoot your ball out by holding down the enter button for a short while.

Before you even start the game, there you can choose a menu by one of the four arrow buttons (up down left right arrow button it doesn't really matter which you choose), and the menu is as follows: the first from the left is exit out of the game button, the next button has something to do with the high score. Then there is the turn on/off sound button. And the last which is the one on the right side is to choose how many players you want to have. You can have up to four players. And that is really it.

The game does its job fairly well. It is perhaps simple, but you can enjoy it as a little quick game or so. When you feel like it. But it is not a bad game at all. So try it, it works. And gets the job done.

Tristan Pinball is an average pinball game with poorly done graphics, annoying sound and too little options compared to the better Pinball games. The regular different parts from Pinball games are of course included so you have a good chance of scoring points in many different ways. The actual game engine is also well done making the pinball game come very close to a real pinball machine.

Sadly there is only one table to play through which of course makes it a bit boring in the long run but at least you have a better chance getting the table to know. And that can take long enough since as mentioned above that there are many different things included in the table. If it wasn't one of the first pinball games bringing a the real pinball simulation onto the computer I wouldn't really recommend to at least take a look at it but it was one of the first which also makes it unfair to compare it to newer pinball games.

Overall a regular pinball game with a great game engine but little variation which means you will get tired of playing the same table over and over. But this game should still be in every game collection if you have pinball games in that one.

Tristan is a nice pinball game, but has too little features/options compared to most other pinball games. It has only one board to choose and no special effects are anything.

A decent pinball game from Amtex that is short on graphics and animation but long on gameplay, Tristan Pinball is billed as a "solid state pinball simulation," and it actually comes quite close to that claim. The game brings many innovations in real pinball tables to the computer screen for the first time, including Multiball, Double Scoring, Time Features, and many surprises. Ball physics are reasonably realistic, and the manual even includes primer on basic pinball skills (e.g. double flip, deflect pass, beat down, and nudging) that can be used in the game. There is only one table, and a very standard, blocky one at that, but the game more than makes up for this lack of variety and graphics by excellent ball controls and true-to-life pinball physics.

Overall, Tristan Pinball is one of those games that seem very boring and average by today's standards. However, it deserves recognition as being one of the first true pinball simulation games that bring many features to the PC for the first time. Recommended for its historical significance, even if you'll get bored with the table.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.13 MB).


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