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This platform game features the small blue-haired cutesy creatures that were popular around the time (although surely not with most computer game buyers?). You play a Troll roaming the levels in the hope of rescuing as many baby trolls as possible - each level gives you a set minimum to retrieve before you can leave via the Pigstop.

Initially you have no weapons, and contact with the nasties costs you energy, but a Yo-Yo can be collected, which can be used not only to kill enemies, but also to smash blocks away and open up paths, and even (with practice) tied to a ledge to allow you to swing across a gap. Throughout the levels you will find the letters B,O,N,U,S and G released from bonus balloons or on killing an enemy - if at the end of a level your letters spell out Bonus or Bogus you go to the appropriate extra level. The former has a chance to gain extra lives, the latter must be escaped quickly to avoid losing a life.

When all is dark and everybody's gone to bed, no-one knows what happens. There are only guesses to be made. In Trolls, that guess is an old childsdream. Toys come to life and start their day in a wonderland that exists out of things to be found in a kid's bedroom and imagination.

In Trolls, you wander around several corridors, choosing a world to play in. Each world counts four levels. For some dark, mysterious reason, little babytrolls are scattered around the levels and it's up to you to collect them. Collect them all and you can ride a winged pig to the next level. As you're one of those mid-nineties trolls with their chubby cheeks and brightly colored hair, your status is shown through your hair color. Purple is normal. Whenever you're hit, your hair turns red. Poison green makes your body heavy as lead.

Armed with the yoyos you can find in balloons all over the place, it is up to you to climb up ridges, kill several absurd or well-drawn, although they're always well-drawn, enemies and collect the troll babies. Once you've done this in four levels, that world is closed and it's time to check for another one. During these levels, you can collect the letters for either the word bonus or bogus. Forming the word bonus takes you to a bonuslevel when you've finished the current one. When you have formed bogus, you're taken to a bogus level. The difference between both, is that in a bogus level, you need to find a certain object within the given time or you'll lose a life. Bonus levels are without any danger whatsoever.

The graphics are brightly colored, all well-done and an inspiration to the imagination. All animations are fluent and worked out into detail. All enemies're designed with a great imagination and sense of level design, together with making sure the look altogether wouldn't get repetitive. Although the backgrounds might work this in hand, the variation of enemies you'll meet along the way will make you look past this.

Trolls is a great game, fun to play and fun to watch. Some might not like the extreme use of bright colors, but it's a good change from all the dark, shady games where you don't see what happens two steps in front of you. If you either have kids, are a kid or a drug addict, this game is the perfect download for you.

This game is amazing to look at. The colours are stunning, and the graphics are awesome. Some may consider it too bright, but I think it looks way cool.

Ok, so you're wondering what trolls are. You ever see them little plastic dolls, with the colourful hair and no clothes (yes, this is not a n3kkid troll game). I had a collection with different costumes on and stuff. I still have the doctor one and one in pyjama's on top of my dresser! :O I'm a big baby ;)

This side-scrolling platform game is like most others. You jump on your enemies to kill them, and some of them you better avoid or they will kill you first. Your task is to run around the levels collecting the baby trolls, stomping on enemies and getting through the levels. There are these cool balloons, and when you run into them they pop and you get cool items.

There are many levels, and there are also secret places that you can find. You can play the game again and again just because it's so darn cute looking. You're bound to never find all the secrets, but you can try and not get bored :). A totally excellent game!

An extremely nice Jump 'n Run this one - some of you may know that this is not quite my genre, but anyway - I really enjoyed Trolls. Playing one of those - um... - Trolls (you might recognize them - those little dolls have been quite popular for a while and you really saw them everywhere) you set out to rescue baby-trolls - 19 per level. The controls are good (although my analog joystick didn't work well - but keyboard was perfect) - graphics are superb and the soundtrack is excellent. Technically everything is set up for maximum fun. The baddies are cute as well and the whole game is 100% recommended for children. Well... but also you seniors out there might have some fun with it. Implementation of the universal "weapon" (a jojo you can use to eliminate enemies as well as a rope for climbing) is a nice thing - very useful and needed.

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