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Wings of Fury is an action game with some minor simulation aspects, in which you are the pilot of an American F6F Hellcat plane. The setting of the game is the Pacific during World War II.

It is your job to defeat the Japanese by destroying enemy bunkers, machine gun nests and barracks on a series of islands. Barracks and gun nests can be bombarded with regular bombs, while you'll have to use rockets to take out the concrete bunkers. After a successful bombing run, return to mow down the Japanese soldiers with your machine guns. You also have to sink Japanese battleships with torpedoes and engage in dogfights with enemy fighter planes. You start each mission by taking off from an aircraft carrier, which you'll have to protect from assaults by Japanese torpedo planes. Whenever you run out of fuel, bombs, rockets or machine gun ammo you can replenish those by returning to your carrier. Your carrier is also the place to repair damage to your plane.

The Gameboy Color version of Wings of Fury has a toned down violence level. You no longer mow down Japanese soldiers with your machine guns, instead you bombard jeeps & trucks. Also missing in this version are the Japanese torpedo planes and the small 1st-person view window. New are some extra manoeuvres for your plane like a barrel roll and a review of your ammo consumption after each mission. Using less ammo than allocated gives you bonus points.

This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. You pilot an airplane for the US Air force in the middle of Japan. Your missions are to kill everything that moves. The ranks at the beginning are actually the difficulty and when you consider that the first mission is Hell! Just imagine the last mission. Words will have to be invented in order to describe that one.

But even though the missions are hard and enemies are everywhere, the game has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. Controls are really easy once you get the hang of them; Space fires your cannon and Enter releases your special weapon for the day. You can choose between three different types of special weapons at your aircraft-carrier. These are Rockets (nice for shooting down planes), Bombs (for ground targets) and Torpedoes (for sinking ships). In order to complete your mission you will have to choose the correct type of weapon for each mission.

This game was originally an arcade game, but it's huge number of fans quickly made Broderbund release the game for both Dos and Amiga. And it is today one of the most popular flying arcade games ever made.

The graphic in the game is amazing when you think of what equipment they had to work with in those days. Try turning around in the air and you will see a nice and smooth turning sequence that really is a treat for the eyes. Sound is there for one purpose, to make the game more alive. And it delivers.

If you still don't think the game is worth a try, then that's too bad. This is a diamond among the games on this site.

World War II. Pacific. The Americans and Japanese are fighting for domination of the seas. You have just been recruited and the days of glory are ahead of You...

One of the best flight games I've ever played. You'll fly the P-38 airplane based on the US aircraft carrier. Your missions are pretty simple but VERY difficult to accomplish. You'll have to destroy all the enemy bases and ships in the vicinity and that is very, very, very, very, very hard to do. It is almost 100% realistic and it might take You a couple of hours to destroy everything. If only those Zeros are not around... The dogfights with Japanese pilots are very tough as well. Complete game is pretty detailed. I mean the game details. For example: to destroy enemy ship You have to drop a torpedo. has to be done from a real low flight. Otherwise torpedo will crash in to the sea and sink. Of course, it is possible that Your torpedo gets destroyed by the enemy gunfire, so You'll have to go back to Your carrier and get another one.

Landing...hardest part in the game. Probably one of the hardest things in the game playing of all times! So...I've told You about all the hard things in the game. The game is BRILLIANT and You simply MUST download it. Wings of Fury is one of the best games ever made!

Wings of Fury is a fun, albeit repetitive, action/simulation game in the style of old side-scrolling classic Sopwith. You fly an F6F Hellcat fighter, and your task is to escort a damaged aircraft carrier to Allied shores. After launching from the carrier, you will shoot your machine guns, torpedoes, and bombs at the Japanese fighters. You will also have to sink enemy ships.

The game is a lot of fun, mostly owing to ease of controls, decent graphics, and no-nonsense action. The game has some nods to realism, in that you must land on the carrier to reload your guns or refuel your tank from time to time. In contrast to earlier (e.g. Apple II) versions, you can even save game whenever you are on the carrier. The plane is easy to control, and downing one enemy plane after another is strangely addictive.

Unfortunately, Wings of Fury suffers from the same weakness as Sopwith: lack of longevity. The game becomes boring once you play it for a few hours, because there are only five missions in total-- mission six is the same as mission one, but with more enemy planes, so on and so forth. Launching off the aircraft carrier is also quite frustrating, especially to beginners (you will not be able to launch your plane without using slowdown programs for this one). It's still a great game, but only for the few minutes or hours that it will take you to see all five missions. Top dog, with some reservations.

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