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X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse is a neat add-on. The problem with X-Men is that yes, it is an add-on. The game would be excellent released by itself. Anyone who plays X-Men already has had to own Quake, and it isn't a whole lot different than Quake. Still, the grades and description here reflect both the game on its own and its "Uncanny" similarity to Quake.

Running off of the Quake engine, the game already was going to look nice. One of the more amazing first person shooters, Quake, a revolutionary game, gave X-Men a solid foundation on which to lean on. Still, the X-Men and their mutant powers had to be drawn in over the engine. The X-Men move a little oddly, but they all look true to life. Wolverine's cackling smile is a bit disconcerting, and the player's heart will race and jump a lot, as the X-Men are a scary enough visual fright.

The music, like in Quake, is good. No, it was not done by Nine Inch Nails, but it has some good techno beats and interesting sound effects. The coolest of the effects has to be, of course, Wolverine's "snikt", and that alone is enough to make a player lose their lunch.

Quake itself is a fun game, but X-Men has a few distinct advantages over Quake. There's actually a lot of strategy for a "mindless" first person shooter in X-Men. You have to kill off Wolverine quickly because if you don't, bam, he's healed just like in the comics. Bishop's mutant power is the absorption of energy blasts, so shoot him with an energy blast, and it's over for you. The strategy and great atmosphere add a lot to the game, and make killing the X-Men fun.

X-Men is not a game that is going to be replaying tons of times. However, there are enough secrets and cool stuff for the player to run through at least a couple times. The fun of the game combined with the thrill of killing the X-Men on the Quake engine provides a lot of replay value.

Graphics: What more could you ask for than the Quake engine as a building block? Still, the X-Men and their powers look clean and nice.

Sound: Good music, and great sound effects, but not much of a variety of either.

Enjoyment: A fun, enjoyable game that would have a perfect enjoyment rating if not for the Quake engine.

Replay Value: If you've played Quake, you may play it less than if you haven't.

X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse is a conversion of Quake. The evil mutant Apocalypse has created an army of evil X-men clones. The only thing standing in his way is you, a cyborg created by Magneto with the ability to morph your arms into a variety of devastating weapons.

In the single-player game, you battle clones of twelve X-Men across two episodes building up to a final confrontation with Apocalypse. The X-Men are realistically modeled complete with their mutant powers (the Wolverine clone, for example, will not stay down, imitating the original). In multiplayer game, you can take on the role of any of the X-Men for mutant deathmatch action in five original maps including the X-Men mansion.

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