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Realms of Chaos is one of the best video games on the MS-DOS platform that I have

ever experiences. The sights, sounds, and action are all elements that will make any

serious gamer's mouth water. A good plot, two excellent (and switchable) characters, and

dozens of scary enemies all combine to make one great game.

The graphics are a major strong point for Realms of Chaos. The characters are

rendered well, even though they are not as detailed as some contemporary games. Any

minor flaw in the character animations is quickly forgotten when you take in the

beautifully sculpted backgrounds. The developers at Apogee did not cut corners with

this 1995 release. For a game that only sucks up 2.7 megabytes on your hard drive, the

graphics are a real triumph.

Sound is also great in Realms of Chaos. The sound effects of Elandra's fireball

sizzling through an enemy and those of Endrick's sword slicing the air are truly

remarkable. The rich MIDI music that fills the background and the "loading" screens

greatly enhances the game.

The action in Realms of Chaos is non-stop. There is never a shortage of enemies on

screen. The more you kill, the more stuff you get. From jewelry to health points to

potions, Realms of Chaos quickly teaches you that the path to success is paved with

blood. The controls take some getting used to, but once you have them memorized, the

game really takes over. Still, there are some spots where you just can't blindly lunge and

expect to land on solid ground. Bridges give way. Makeshift elevators move in the

opposite direction suddenly, and you can hit your head on the forest ceiling.

Defeating all 26 levels in Realms of Chaos is not something you should plan on in

one day's gaming. Plan on taking several days. Remember to save your games often. You

never know when a power surge will roll through and lock up your computer. Overall,

Realms of Chaos is the kind of game you want sitting on your hard drive. It's

programmed to run on the slowest computers and can provide many hours of enjoyment.

Graphics: Stunning, especially for its time.

Sound: Great. Adds a lot to the game.

Enjoyment: Superb.

Replay Value: Excellent.

Realms of Chaos is one of the many action 3D Realms made back in the days they called themselves Apogee.

Endrick, the warrior, and Elandra, the sorceress, have to travel through 26 levels, split into 3 'episodes' to find the source of what's corrupting the land of Mysteria. Endrick uses his sword fight enemies in close combat, and Elandra uses a supply of gems to blast them with fireballs from a distance.

You can switch between characters at any time, but they both share their own health bars, and if one dies, you'll still need to restart the level.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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