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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil doesn't bring anything original to the crowded genre but it still manages to provide an okay gaming experience. Nothing about the game is bad but on the other hand not very much is overly good either.

Let me start with the good: weapons, more weapons, and even more weapons. Yes, the weapons are definitely the best part of the game. There are so many and all of them look cool when firing their various projectiles. Turok can walk up to enemies and slash them up or grab a nuke and fry them in a mushroom cloud. Go for a swim and he can also fire harpoons. With more than 20 weapons the game certainly has some variety. Quite a few weapons have two types of ammunition as well. One other nice feature is the ability to ride on a dinosaur. While on the dinosaur you get to fire an additional mounted weapon.

Where Turok 2 suffers the most is level design. None of the levels are incredibly interesting. They consist mostly of passageways, ladders, doors, and breakaway walls. Backgrounds are not extremely detailed and just don't contain anything that will cause you to pause for a moment and admire in awe. Being able to go underwater is a plus as your vision becomes clouded at times, but that is not something that has not already been done before.

One other aspect of the game may be viewed as a problem by some and a welcome addition by others. Turok is not allowed to just blast every creature and then leave the level, he has mission objectives. Adon provides Turok with his objectives before each level. On the first level she has you activating distress beacons and rescuing four children. In order to accomplish this you need to find power cells for the beacons as well as the location of the beacon switches. In order to free the children Turok will have to find a switch to open each cage. Completing these objectives is not always fun and when you miss an important item you will need to go back over the complete level until you find what you need.

What Turok 2 needs more of is mindless killing of the bad guys. Shooting the creatures is enjoyable as you get to try out all of your weapons. The enemy has some intelligence as well and will run when overmatched. Also, hitting them in particular areas will result in various actions from falling halfway to the ground to flailing body parts. The multi-layer games are more fun but the modes of play are the same that have been done before. Capturing the flag, deathmatch, and arena games are far from original. Through the use of GameSpy finding a server to play on is simple and the game is quite stable.

Turok 2 does have a better than average first-person shooter storyline and awesome weapons. Overall, it is a good game but contains more adventure elements than the typical first-person shooter which may turn off some fans of the genre.

Graphics: Everything in the game looks good but backgrounds need more special effects. There is plenty of blood that can be turned off or changed from red to green for the younger players.

Sound: Weapon fire sounds cool but the music is boring.

Enjoyment: Fighting the enemy is a lot of fun. On the other hand, trying to complete all of the objectives can be a chore.

Replay Value: Mutliplayer modes add replayability. Single-player mode is a bit short. Every level has multiple save points and players have the ability to save the game at any moment up to 16 times.


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