H.E.D.Z.: Head Extreme Destruction Zone Download (1998 Arcade action Game)

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In a time before man existed an alien race Hedz. The Hedz are a highly developed race, with an advanced civilization, and experts in transmutation. Gross dude, anyway back on the home planet, some alien stumbled upon a decapitated space traveler. And found out he could assume the power of the being via brain to brain contact. What was deemed as a freak accident started a deadly attack upon the universe! At first only the rich, and time travelers were steady enthusiasts. But now Head collecting has became the latest craze. But the craze turned ugly theft and violence over ownership became widespread. So to solve the problem they made head hunting their national sport. And Head Extreme Destruction Zone was created. In a near by asteroid belt, the Nappa Flux, was selected as the place of battle. Each asteroid was designed to represent an Earth Like environment. The Rules are simple: Each Hed could choose five trophies to take into battle. The chance to capture enemy heads is your prize.


The Graphics in H.E.D.Z. are top notch. In 800x600 3Dfx it looked sweet. The environment is simple but looks like a big toy house. The buildings and surroundings were really smooth. I almost felt like I got warped into a Hasbro Play house. The characters are very detailed, and each one with their unique style is appealing.


The Interface is really easy to understand, just put in the CD and your done. I had a little trouble figuring out the head screen. But that's because I forgot to read the book dope. The multiplayer requires some thought. There are many different elevations, and places to hide. Allow the opponent to get around and smack you up.

Sound FX:

The Sound FX, made me laugh, all them little bloops and pow pows. Plus each time you change your head you make a distinctive sound. Like when switching to the French legionnaire he says "jalousie" The first sound track had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Because it reminded me of a distinctive 70's flick. The other tracks are very catchy and original keeping your spirits up throughout the battle.


The Gameplay is phenomenal I never played anything like this yet. The reason why I loved it so much. The Puzzles in the game are hard enough to keep you guessing. While the enemies are no walk in the park. I loved jumping around, taking heads, and triggering doors. Each enemy has their own special attack, and abilities. So pick your head carefully, many a time I picked the wrong ones and got spanked. But I had fun; I loved headhunting and whooping up every one.


Overall, Hasbro did what very few companies are doing nowadays. That is releasing original games doing original things. The graphics are a sight for sore eyes, the sounds tickling your funny bone. But the gameplay again coming through as a strong element in this game. You'll have fun for hours fighting, solving, and fighting some more.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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