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Ubi Soft's limbless mascot moves away from his platform duties to compete in a series of 12 obstacle courses and 12 battle arenas in this multiplayer title designed for up to four competitors. Nine playable characters are available, five of which are locked at the start of the game. In addition to the colorful Rayman, players can choose Globox, Dark Globox, Tily, Henchman, Henchman 1000, Teensies, Razorbeard, or Mrs. Razorbeard. While the characters all possess the same abilities, each has his or her own theme song that continuously plays while he or she is in first place.

Rayman Arena features two distinct modes of play: Race Mode and Battle Mode. Race Mode has characters running along a multi-path course riddled with obstacles and offers two options. Players can either race a course for three laps or enter a time attack, an option that eliminates each runner who fails to cross a checkpoint within six seconds after the leader. Time attack then continues until only one player remains. Battle Mode also features two play styles: Freeze Fight and Total Fight. The former involves collecting as many items (called lums) as possible within three minutes, while the latter has players trying to rack up the most points by shooting at their rivals.

Variables also exist within each arena game. Free Fight gives characters an unlimited number of ice bullets to temporarily freeze opponents, allowing them time to collect more lums. Total Fight has players acquiring bonus weapons from generators positioned at various points in the arena. The weapons include shields, rapid bullets, fireballs, buzz rockets, glue bombs, and more. Eight bonus maps can also be earned by completing the single-player mode, which features individual cups for each event and two leagues (beginner and pro). In addition, 37 character skins can be unlocked to personalize all characters in the game other than Rayman.

Rayman M is third sequel to the award winning platform game from Ubisoft, the famous French game designer. The game's action takes place in Rayman 2's unique worlds but now the fun is increased with the addition of multiple players in real time. Rayman M features two gameplay modes the Race mode (including Training , Race, Polopoloi, Lums submodes ), and the Battle mode (including Lum Spring, Lum Fight, Capture The Fly submodes), two Bonus modes: On And On a Survival, over 24 levels (12 furious footraces + 12 blistering arenas) in four different worlds, elements such as bonuses, traps, and special objects, support the action and enable players to use various powers. You can choose to play either as Rayman, or other funny characters such as Ly, the fairy, or Globox.

If you want win, you must not only be quick and agile, but also smart, setting traps for adversaries and taking the necessary risks in intense battles to come out on top. If you remember Rayman, expect the same running, jumping, climbing, sliding, flying, and shooting powers. What about the "M"ultiplayer? Well, don't expect it's Quake 3 for kids. Unfortunately the multiplayer in PC version is limited to 2 players on the computer and you need to have a gamepad for the second player. Despite the limited multiplayer, various Rayman M modes provides over 50 hours of fun, so if you have a kids, they will probably like it anyway.


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