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Britney's Dance Beat tries to capitalize on the popularity of dancing simulations like Dance Dance Revolution, but this weak effort will appeal only to Britney Spears' fans. Unfortunately, after a short period of play, even her fans will hit the eject button in disappointment. After sitting through an excessively long opening sequence, you're introduced to a slightly creepy computer-generated Britney who wants you to audition for her tour. After selecting one of the dancers, you head for the practice studio or to your first audition.

Like many dancing simulations, you press arrow keys and the space bar when the Key Command Icons are centered in the target area. Timing is essential, but the frustration of having to jump around the keyboard to hit the right keys at the right time impedes any success you might have with the game. Entire combos must be completed for any of it to work and, since many are complicated, beginners will quickly become disheartened.

The practice studio is basically useless. The choreographer provides obvious advice, telling you to hit the appropriate combos of keys when the time is right. While you can get a feel for the controls of the game in the rehearsal studio, it's best not to waste too much time there and simply begin playing the game where your progress is much more clearly illustrated with a points tally and a status bar.

Completing an audition successfully unlocks video clips that preview Britney's tour and gives you incentive to play. The use of her songs add somewhat to fan appeal with various re-mixes playing in transitional sequences and videos. These elements are the best the game has to offer, but, unfortunately, you have to play the game to get to them.

Britney's Dance Beat could have been a nice addition to the genre, but it's ultimately too difficult for the target audience of young teenage girls. Dance Dance Revolution fans may have a passing interest in this title since the format is similar, but will quickly put it aside.

Graphics: Good 3D renderings of characters and attractive backgrounds highlight the game. The video is a bit grainy but decent.

Sound: The use of the singer's songs and the voices are high quality, which adds to the appeal assuming you like Britney Spears.

Enjoyment: The game is excessively frustrating with poorly designed controls. The only real incentive to keep playing is to unlock the videos.

Replay Value: Disappointing difficulty, a lack of variety in gameplay, and poor controls will have you heading for the exit quickly.


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