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Have you ever had skeletons in the closet? Then you know that they're quite annoying, and you know why you have to get rid of them in this little game.

The gameplay is simple: You play Beetlejuice, who has to get rid of skeletons on a square board. He does this by shooting at them, and then Lydia (the girl following you with a vacuum cleaner) cleans them up. That's all there is to it.

Of course it's not THAT easy: Skeletons shot down will rise again, more powerful than before, when not cleaned up in time. Worms will try to eat Beetlejuice and even his own friends will try to stop him.

More powerful skeletons will require more shots to take down. If a skeleton touches you, you'll lose a life. If a skeleton touches Lydia, she'll be imprisoned and can only be freed with a lightning powerup.

The only thing you can do against worms is to keep moving, and watch the board closely. If one of them eats you, you'll lose a life.

For some reason Beetlejuice's friends are bits hostile in this game. As long as they move about the board slowly, they're harmless. But once they speed up, their touch is deadly. You can make them move slowly again by shooting them.

Luckily there are powerups available for Beetlejuice; usually they are obtained by shooting skeletons. These powerups can give you exploding spit to use against skeletons or the ability to use your head as a boomerang. Apart from that, you'll find the Medusa's Gaze at times, which freezes the skeletons in their tracks.

Another thing to watch on the board are beetles. There are five different kinds of beetles to be found, and each kind gives you a letter. Once you form the word 'truth', all skeletons on a level will be destroyed without rising again.

The bad things about the game are the lack of graphics, sound and, especially, difficulty. The game is very easy. You'll be blasting through the levels like a bat out of hell, and by the time you reach level 75, the gameplay is bound to become a little boring.

Still, in the end, playing this game can be quite fun. If you've got some time to spare, try this game.

From MobyGames's description of this zany action game based on the cult horror movie: "A truly bizarre game which was rather popular at the time. It's an action game of sorts, in which you play Beetlejuice himself and you have to kill (?) all kinds of skeletons with weapons -- you start with the ability to shoot a single loogie at the skeletons and, by collecting bonuses from destroyed skeletons, you may get additional loogies per shot or completely different weapons. Also, after you hit a skeleton, your friend Lidia has to collect the skeleton's remains with a vacuum cleaner; however, if a skeleton find Lidia she becomes imprisoned in a cage and you have to release her by hitting another skeleton and taking a "lightning bonus" from his remains. Another nice touch is the worm, which comes out of the playground every now and then and, should it hit you, kills you."

In short, Beetlejuice is a fun arcade game that is very repetitive, but strangely grows on you after a while. It's also notable for being one of better games from Hi-Tech Expressions, who's known for producing lackluster action titles based on cartoon and movie licenses.

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