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Bubble Pop is a one or two-player platform game featuring fruit, worms, penguins, other assorted animals and fireball throwing monsters that installs in both English and Swedish. The Evil One has captured Bublina and has turned all your friends against you. Armed only with a magic rod the player(s) must set out across each level to rescue her. The spell on your friends can be broken by the magic rod, this turns them into fruit and other bonus items. Along the way there are bonus letters to collect, magic bottles with spells like Invisibility, secret caves and big monsters to defeatThe player must zap all the baddies on each level in order to progress. After a while a boss will appear who is hard to kill. The boss will randomly appear on any platform in the game and will both destroy bonus letters and attack the player(s) character(s). Points are scored for baddies zapped, fruit eaten and bonus items collected.

The full game features: over one hundred levels; five different worlds: toy world, water world, hell, snow world and blob world; five big bosses; four different weapons; twenty kinds of monster; twenty bonus levels; joystick support.

Fans of Bubble Bobble all agree - Bubble Pop is a superb clone of one of the most famous classic games! Fun levels, cute characters, bubbles... need more? Your mission is to rescue Bublina from The Evil One by completing 100 levels (and a few bonus areas) but be aware - The Evil One has also turned all your friends against you so a tough job is ahead. Your only weapon is a magic rod that can cast four spells, but many power ups (time stop, levels skip, invisibility...) can help as well.

Bubble Pop is a lovely game suitable for both kids and adults, especially when playing in two-player mode. It's a real shame this game never got the attention it deserves!

Bubble Pop is a great clone of Bubble Bobble, with some unique touches. Your mission is to rescue Bublina and the world from The Evil One (definitely the most unique name ever made for the big foozle...), who has turned all your friends against you. As a hero, you must break the spell by changing your friends into fruits and other bonus items. You can do this with your magic rod that can cast four spells: freezing cloud, fireball, fire shield, and magic bubble. Along the way, you can collect bonus letters to gain access to secret caves filled with goodies. The registered version (the one you can download on this site) boasts over 100 levels spanning 5 different worlds (toy world, water world, hell, and more), each with its own unique backgrounds and monsters. There are also 20 bonus levels, as well as cool power-ups that give you extra spells such as invisibility. Overall, a very nice Bubble Bobble clone that adds enough new twists to enhance the gaming experience. The graphics are excellent, and the controls are easy to learn. I especially like the end-level bosses who are creatively designed and appropriately tough to beat. If you enjoy Bubble Bobble, chances are you will also enjoy this little-known old game it inspires.

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