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If you are looking for a straight-out conversion of an Arcade game, Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory may be it and nothing more. SNK added nothing to the game to make it playable for a PC audience and, in fact, probably didn't think about the audience at all. It seems almost as if the game was rushed to the shelves without any regard for quality whatsoever.

The biggest problem with Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory is the lack of instructions. As far as I can see, there are none! There is no manual included with the game and no accessible "read me" file on the CD. What this leads to is absolute confusion! For example, there is no explanation as to what any button does or whether a game pad is a viable option or any text about any other aspect, for that matter. The only way to figure it all out is through trial and error.

The first time I played through the game, it took me about two minutes to figure out how to pick my character. Before I got what I wanted, though, I unintentionally got a second player involved and chose the wrong character. This is truly unacceptable.

The next problem I have is the poor graphics. They're blocky and unclear and the animation is shaky, with no smooth movements. Furthermore, the entire game is played in a window, even when maximized. This detracts from the overall experience, making it seem as if the game is a small and unimportant part of your desktop.

Gameplay is very similar to that in the 2D fighting genre, most notably Street Fighter. The only addition I see is the ability to move a little bit into the third dimension, like Battle Arena Toshinden, where you can dodge attacks and counter-attack from your new position. A major dislike is that special moves are next to non-existent. If they're included, they are impossible to discover without the aid of instructions. Matches take on the simple punch-punch-kick format -- no fun at all.

A major problem with Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory is menu set up. From the start menu, there are four options. Choosing the "how to play" screen, however, does nothing! It takes you to the same screen as clicking on the "play" screen. Not to put too fine a point on it, this is simply ludicrous. How could such a problem get by the developers?

Overall, Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory is not a game for those looking for an intelligent fighter. Of all the similar products on the market, 95% of them must be better than Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory. Trust me on this one.

Graphics: The graphics are very blurry and the motion is poor.

Sound: The music is cheesy and the sound effects crackle.

Enjoyment: The horrific controls and lack of documentation result in the game being a chore instead of fun.

Replay Value: It's difficult to get through a first time; why would anyone bother with a second?

There aren't many good fighting games for PC, in fact, I could count them with my fingers! there are only four of them (no, not Mortal Kombat). SSF2T, OMF, SS2, and finally, Fatal Fury 3. Fatal Fury offers crisp animations, great graphics, and easy-to-perform combos. The thing i really like about FF3 is the amount of combos you can use. Unlike SSF2T, this game features dashing (forward, forward), evading, (back, back) and sidewalk (A+C), but is that a good thing? oh yes, in SSF2T, your fighting tactics are limited to fireball trap tactic, and offensive play... but with these features you can define your own offensive or defensive tactics. If you're a big fan of fighting games, I highly recommend this rare polished game!


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