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In this interactive cartoon you are brave English soldier, who must stop Fascist Von Max, who wants to build a Doomsday Machine with the special crystals. On every level you have to do something different such as shooting the foes, different fights, several chases, etc. Progressing in game allows you to watch the very colorful animation of perilous adventure.

Remember the good old days when they had the ads of some laserdisc games in the magazines. Classics like Dragons Lair and Space ace ... *sigh* I always wanted to play them for the graphics were so great cartoon-like that you thought it was an interactive movie (actually they sold them as interactive movies). But when I got Dragons Lair then I must confess that there was just disappointment. The only actions you could interact were pressing the joystick buttons at the right time.

If you look at Guy Spy, you will see that it almost looks like Dragons Lair or Space Ace. But now it's not your girlfriend that has been kidnapped. The evil fascist "von Max" has almost finished his dooms-day machine that is going to kill the human race. The only thing he's missing are some rare crystals. Max himself is quite busy so he sends out his soldiers to find those crystals. Having so many foes around was noticed by the US and they decide to activate our hero Guy Spy to roam around the planet and stop von Max to finish his evil plans.

The action begins in the subway of Berlin where some of the evil guys shoot at poor Guy who only wants to get his train. After killing them all Guy gets into his train to Switzerland where he takes the cable railway to get onto the mountain. Directly after starting to enjoy the view Guy gets attacked again. This time it's the bad guys that shoot at him and throw dynamite. After all of them are killed you succeed to the next level .... and so on.

The graphics are fantastic - and just seeing the games makes you think that it's going to be surely an evergreen! But playing the game turns out to be a torture. The controls are somehow laggy. Your character moves as fluently as he is slow. You will need to restart each mission several times to finish it because you will mess it again and again just because our little hero doesn't do what you like him to do. And do yourself a favour and play without sound. The effects are OK but the music will kill every last nerve even of the deaf among us.

I personally do not like this game too much even though I love the looks of it. I think the developers should have spent some more time in making the controls controllable and maybe the music more melodic. The graphics at least make it worth trying this game yourself.

So this is unfortunately just a 2 out of 5 point for this game.

In early 1990s, Readysoft released a number of animated action games that became instant hits on the Laserdisc platform, although their PC counterparts suffered poor sales in comparison. This is by no means surprising: although these games boast very high production values and excellent animations which are created by Don Bluth Studios, their value as a game is sorely lacking. These game are little more than PC version of "choose-your-own-adventure" books, in which gameplay is boiled down to choosing an action from multiple choices. PC versions are, naturally, cut-down versions from Laserdisc originals, with many sequences missing altogether. It wasn't until the advent of CD-ROM that Readysoft (now sold to Digital Leisure) started making "deluxe" version of these games and put them on CD-ROM and later DVD. Treat the games as fun and humorous computer cartoons, but don't expect them to be involving games. If you like any of these disk-based versions, check out the deluxe DVD/CD-ROM versions at Digital Leisure's products page.

"Multi-scene action game by ReadySoft with great full-screen animations and graphics. Graphically a bit similar to the Dragon's Lair and Space Ace games, but gameplay overall is much more fun and could nearly be called a game. ;) Still nothing too exciting, but worth a try."

An unusual, Dragon's Lair looking game featuring an English soldier whose mission is to stop evil Von Max from creating a Doomsday machine. Rather original, eh?

In your quest for Von Max, you will go through eight levels of pure action. Each level asks you to perform something (shoot at everything that moves, fighting Von Max' followers, chase...) in order to advance. Before and after each level, the game shows animations that actually make the most of the game.

Levels are quite hard, especially if you don't have a joystick. Short and hard, not quite what you were looking for, is it?

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.50 MB).


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