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Inner Worlds is a side-scrolling fantasy action game in which you play the role of a woman named Nikita who happens to be a werewolf. The game consists of three episodes (the first was distributed as shareware, you had to buy the full game to play the other three).

In the first episode, Nikita is trusted by the village elder to free her people from the Gralob, an evil creation of a misguided genius, so she must travel to Castle Drofanayrb where the creature lurks. In the second episode she finds out that the Gralob was only one of two horrible creatures. And finally, in the third episode, she must travel to a volcanic mountain, inside which the secret of Drofanayrb lives, to fulfill her destiny.

The gameplay is quite simple. You can jump, climb, crawl (same things in wolf form, however you're much smaller as a wolf, thus you can squeeze through narrow passages and you have a special "frenzy" move that tears enemies apart). In some levels you can find necklaces that upgrade your health, mana or attack damage. You can find weapons such as hammers, swords, or bows, and you can upgrade them with scrolls giving them unique abilities (ex. the hammer can "throw" lightning). You can also find different gems that give life or mana and potions that help jump higher, fall slower. Mana is needed for spells that you can aquire from level bosses. Each episode consists about 9 levels, and every third level has a boss.

The enemies consist of animals, and experimental creatures of the castle. So you'll encounter spiders, bats, huge centipedes, alien-like creatures, huge green beasts that can stretch their arms.

The graphics of the game are a little strange as the characters are in 2D but the scenery and the foreground is a little bit 3D. The music creates an eerie mood suitable for the game.

Inner Worlds is a fun, very atmospheric shareware game that rivals Konami's classic Castlevania and features a few nice twists to the tried-and-true concept. You play a scantily-clad Nikita, who has the astonishing ability to turn into a ferocious she-wolf. Her quest is to track down Gralob, the evil monster creation of a misguided genius which has plagued the world for generations.

Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who's played side-scrolling platform games. Basically, Nikita runs, jumps and climbs in order to find health gems, spells and amulets and to fight off spiders and bats and all the usual plethora of monsters. The ability to change into a she-wolf adds a lot to the standard formula, though, since there are places where you must change into a she-wolf in order to pass, and you can't shapeshift at will since you need enough mana to do so (or enough shapeshifting potions). Puzzle elements are also sprinkled throughout the game-- for example, sometimes you need to use "levitate" potion to get to a high ledge.

The graphics are excellent, and in contrast to the "flat" 2D background of most games, Inner Worlds boasts outstanding illusion of depth, with many doorways you can enter. With 3 very different worlds, a lot of secrets to discover, and solid gameplay, this is one platform game that will keep you up nights, and will especially please Castlevania fans.

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