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In this 3D scroller, Johnny Bazookatone and his band are the hottest group in the universe, spreading peace and happiness with their music. El Diablo, the Lord of the Underworld, sees this and being incapable of creating his own music, steals Johnny's guitar Anita and has his demons kidnap great musical legends from around the planet. Johnny manages to avoid the goon squads and follows them back to the underworld. There, armed with a bazooka-guitar, he is ready to wreak havoc on the bad guys in an attempt to rescue his true love, Anita.

This cartoon-style game is set in the year 2050 A.D. and features various special effects and scenery commensurate with the hellish Underworld setting. Movement includes 360-degree spin jumps, hover jumps and other standard 3D scrolling action. As you play, not only can you shoot unlimited blasts from your guitar gun but you can power it up to release a powerful sonic blast that will fry anything within hearing range. In Johnny Bazookatone, you'll use ordinary and super-weapons, get power-ups and search for secret passages that lead to bonus levels. The CD also contains some bonus music tracks.

The original guitar hero with the Elvis attitude and purple hair pompadour, Johnny Bazookatone, has been imprisoned in the year 2050 in Sin Sin Prison by El Diablo, the Lord of the Underworld, who is jealous of his talent and kidnaps other musical legends as well in this 3D side-scrolling platformer. Johnny's guitar Anita has been taken from him and he sets out to escape and vanquish foes on his way to be reunited with Anita. He can perform moves such as 360-degree spin jumps, and hover jumps among others, while using his bazooka guitar as a weapon. When powered up, it can emit a special sonic blast that fries anything within hearing range. As you make your way through the demonic levels such as Hotel Demonique, Hell's Kitchen, and Mr. Diablo's fiery Penthouse, you can acquire more weapons, power-ups and find secret passages that lead to bonus levels. The game's soundtrack includes the title track contributed by Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and Tico Torres.

Johnny Bazookatone is a smart-looking platformer that unfortunately plays much worse than it looks. Despite having a somewhat novel protagonist (purple-hair guitar-toting dude), it isn't much different from hundreds of other platform games that have been around for eons.

Basically, you control Johnny, a cartoony guy who sports purple hair, flash clothes and carries a guitar that switches into a lethal machine gun called 'Anita'. Now Anita is of vital importance to our Johnny, as it can be whirled around to release musical notes that are deadly to his enemies while firing downwards when jumping, will slow down his descent to allow him to reach previously inaccessible areas of the game. It can also be used to propel him through dangerous waters. Your nemesis: the jealous Mr. L. Diablo and his minions, who kidnapped members of your band. Naturally, you must battle through five worlds to rescue your musical companions.

The game is virtually a living cartoon complete with SGI-rendered characters scenes and special effects. Shooting enemies, defeating bosses and collecting items are once again the order of the day. Each level has an individual theme, which are wide and varied, but deep down, the gameplay is the same old shoot-everything-in-sight chore that everyone is familiar with. It is unfortunate that the attraction of Jonny Bazookatone doesn't go beyond the superficial level of graphics, because a lot of nifty things could be done with the excellent cartoons to create a different experience. As it stands, you are better off playing Sleepwalker or WizKid if you are looking for something a little different than typical platform fare. Disappointing.

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