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Jim Power was a hero who one day while travelling through the forest, encountered a dimensional rift into a strange new world. Luckily Jim always travels armed and now he'll need to fight his way past several monsters into a monster stronghold to find his way back home.

Jim Power is a side-scrolling platform game, a side-scrolling shooter and a top-view shooter game depending on the level. Jim Power for the most part can jump and has an upgradable gun weapon. He must find fight enemies, bosses and obtain various keys to progress through the levels. Jim also has a "Smart Bomb" power attack which can clear the screen of enemies. In shooter levels, Jim's spaceship only has the ability to shoot and move around the screen avoiding obstacles.

Jim Power is apparently the step-brother to Jill of the Jungle on her second cousin's side. Jim Power: The Last Dimension in 3D is a side-scrolling platform game with superb graphics, simple gameplay and snappy music. You play as Jim jumping around to collect coins, keys and power-ups while avoiding a plethora of perils.

Controls are arrow keys to move left and right, Ctrl and/or up arrow to jump, Space to fire your weapon, and Alt to toss a smart bomb (single massive burst of firepower). A password system lets you continue at the beginning of the last level you reached (see caveat below).

That's the good part, now for the bad part. The levels are extremely long and have mini bosses at various points; you are fighting a timer at the same time, forcing you to move a little faster than you might like. Even on "Easy" there are some locations where the elements are placed too closely together to allow a player of normal skill to navigate without getting hurt: get hurt three times and a life is lost. Once all your lives are gone you can choose to continue, but from the start of the level.

The end of the first level was never seen by me. I made it quite far, or so it seemed, but level simply continued. Another mild annoyance is the occasional moving platforms that zigzag and dance across the spike-laden pits, rather than just move in a straight line. Timing your jump is not easy in those scenarios, ensuring you die for nothing.

All in all though, Jim Power is a fine example of a fun side-scroller. You will play some action levels, la Scramble, where you pilot a space craft instead of Jim. To sum it up: Jim Power is worth the energy (pardon the pun) it takes to add it to your collection!

A colorful side-scrolling shooter starring Jim Power, the fictitious daring sci-fi hero, Jim Power gets high marks for its vibrant graphics, great level design, and challenging enemies that are quite capable of dodging your shots. Loriciels lives up to their reputation as one of France's best action game makers in this one-- the game is chock full of goodies, including some non-standard power-ups such as shields, homing missiles, and upgradable laser. The action is fast, furious, and generally fun, although not as addictive as the best in the genre (e.g. Gradius). The game is definitely worth a play-through, but is not a must-have.

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