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You play Rick Dangerous, an Indiana Jones type who's on a quest to find the lost Coolu Amazon tribe. However, his plane crashes in the middle of a bunch of crazed Coolus. Hopefully he's up to the challenge of escaping. If he is, he will find himself in the pyramid of Egypt with no easy way past leaders and their minions, and then engulfed in a web of traps in a Nazi base.

Rick Dangerous is a platform game across over 100 screens, in which Rick has his gun in one hand, and dynamite sticks in another. You must take a methodical approach to clearing each screen, as there are traps in place which will need memorizing and preempting where possible. Use the dynamite wisely, for enemies you can't get into the purely-horizontal range of your gun.

What's in a name? If I were to make a game and call it Ultimate Game, would it be the ultimate game? In Rick Dangerous, the name suggests that there's a character named Rick, who is dangerous. That's partially correct. There is a character named Rick. The thing is ... it's his surroundings that are terribly dangerous.

Rick Dangerous is an adventurer from the first half of the 20th century. He lives in London, but goes out exploring or fighting bad guys, such as the invading aliens. He does that armed with a set of explosives and bullets, with the appropriate matching gun. This gent's main characteristic is that he can find tremendously dangerous places. Pressing each button you see, rushing into things head-first or taking the seemingly safe passage are sure ways of getting yourself killed.

The gamer that plays this game should have some equipment, too. He should have a lot of time, a sense of humor and a carefree attitude. Without these, you will be mighty frustrated by this game. With them, you will see the humor in the ways you die and eventually understand how you should play the game. If you manage to get that far, you'll find that you got hooked to the game and are reaching deeper and deeper into the levels. When playing Rick Dangerous 2, the gamer also needs good coordination skills, as the keys aren't too obvious. Jumping is "O", crouching "K", left is "Z" and right "X," while fire is the spacebar and either moving left or right to temporarily stun the enemy. Press the spacebar and up to shoot and the spacebar and down to place an explosive. This makes the whole place even more dangerous, as you could want to jump over an obstacle but accidentally walk into it. At least that's what I had happen several times.

These games will be enjoyed by those that are willing to take their time to sit back and play an ingenious platformer that needs an ingenious gamer to finish it.

This package contains Rick Dangerous 1 and 2.

There he is - Rick Dangerous, superhero of the 1940's - seeming like the brother of Indiana Jones. And you can't deny the inspiration. Lost in the jungles of South America your adventure begins. A good jump 'n run that unfortunately loses much of its attraction due to its confusing controls. The combinations of keys to press to achieve the desired action too often depends more on luck than on your skill. Anyway - this disadvantage can be mastered. The second part of the series is better though.

Rick Dangerous is kinda like Indiana Jones caricature. Cute little guy with a funny hat, a gun and some dynamite sticks. His plane crashed and he's on his way back home to London. A true classic that everyone should already know about. Rick was a hit game and for a reason. Download it and see it for Yourself!

Rick Dangerous 1 is kinda like a Indiana Jones caricature. Cute little guy with a funny hat, a gun and some dynamite sticks. His plane crashed and he's on his way back home to London. The game offers great humor and very funny animations especially when you die but also the enemies you meet.

A true classic that everyone should already know about. Rick was a hit game and for a reason - excellent atmosphere and fun. Though the Amiga version offers much better graphics than the PC version. Still - thumbs up!

Classic puzzling platform game and one of the first bigger hits by Core Design. Obviously a bit inspired by Indiana Jones, Rick Dangerous is a very addicting game with many nice twists and touches. It's difficult, you will most likely die a thousand deaths and have to go through the same screens again and again. But after all that's what makes it what it is. You know what I mean! :) In addition to hazards that Rick must watch out for, various switches and levers dotted around each level must be discovered and used. These activate lifts, guns, and various other widgets which can be made to work to your advantage. The Amiga and Atari ST versions are much nicer, though - music and graphics-wise. In case you wonder, the keyboard controls are ZXOK and SPACE. Overall, Rick Dangerous is an outstanding platform/puzzle hybrid that follows in the footsteps of the likes of Parker Brothers' classic Montezuma's Revenge. Also check out the superior follow-up Rick Dangerous 2 from the same design team.

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