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Supaplex is a puzzle game reminiscent of Boulder Dash; find the exit while collecting all Infotrons and avoiding the Zonks that can kill you.

I was pretty unsure under which category to put this game, at first thinking that strategy is the most appropriate since it plays the biggest role in the gameplay. However, Supaplex is a lot more than just a strategy game. It is also packed with action which makes it an extremely dynamic and interesting game. That's why it found its way into the puzzle section.

You play a role of a computer bug made in the image of pac-man. On each level, your task is to consume all atoms and then reach the exit point. To do this you will have to evade anti-virus softwares which is represented by scissors, firewalls that look like big bombs, short-circuits that will fry you and many more interesting obstacles. You will need to carefully plan your movement throughout the levels. There are 111 levels in total.

The sound is excellent and fulfills the "mood" perfectly. Graphics are very fluid and easy on the eyes. This is an all-around enjoyable game that will provide you with days and perhaps months of fun. The concept is original, the execution flawless so I don't see why it shouldn't deserve a 5 point mark! Strongly recommended!

Supaplex is one of the best games I played. It is a nice game with more than 100 levels. You have to get some items and get to the end. And make sure you do not die, because of the stones and the scissors and other enimies.

Remember Boulder Dash? Well, that formula has been recreated time after time, and most of the games (Heartlight) were pretty bad, and didn't come near to the original. Now, here's a game which did that.

Supaplex was developed for the Amiga computer and later ported to the PC. The quality of the game did not get lowered, which makes it almost identical to the Amiga version, except for maybe the music and controls.

The goal of the game is to eat all the electrons in the level. Avoid the boulders, because if they fall on your head, well, then you die (kind of like in real life ;). Some levels are easy, some are difficult, and the later levels are horrendously difficult, near to impossible. Boulder Dash-type games always were a mix of using reflexes and creative thinking at thesame time, working together if at all possible. Supaplex is no exception, and therefore you'll have to plan out routes often to make sure you don't die.

Once upon a time there was a game known as Boulder Dash and it had its clones. Then Digital Integration made Supaplex and from that day on there were no more Boulder Dash clones - there were Supaplex clones...

You control Murphy (the main character, the world's most famous tomato) through hundreds and hundreds of levels, collecting infotrons and evading snik snaks (insane scicors). Murphy seems to be trapped in some kind of computer systems and the only way for him to escape is to collect a set number of infotons on each level before finding the exit door. This might seem like an easy task, but once you get into the game you will see how challenging (and frustrating!) most levels are!

Murphy set new standard to puzzle games. It was not an original game, it didn't bring anything new but it became a classic for just one good reason - it was incredibly fun game to play. And it still is, try it!

In one of the best Boulderdash clones, gameplay in Supaplex is similar to that classic: as Murphy the bug-hunter living inside a computer, you must collect enough infotrons in each level and exit as fast as possible without getting killed. Quick-thinking is required as well as arcade reflexes, as the path to infotrons often involve moving objects and manipulating them. It's a lot of fun, and best of all, it's now freeware thanks to the auspices of Digital Integration, copyright holder and original publisher.

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