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The Time Spinners do not look kindly on failure. They'll yank your status, terminate your entity, and zap you into the netherest of the nether regions. Your journey begins when Executive Time Spinner (ol' T.S., you know) drops you ill-prepared and poorly armored into the fray, to fight off everything the Razerrians ...antiquated holdouts from the Snarr Sector... can drop, kick or throw at you. Blast through their defenses, traverse the 50 levels of time blocks they'll use to impede your travel. They'll tantalize you with pictures from your home planet, hurl you through space, instead of merely time, and dazzle you with nefarious patterns reminiscent of the arcades in the Neo-Draconian Sector in a celebrated age long past.

As for other Break-out clone games, the basic plot is: BLAST IT! When you hit the blocks, they explode, disappear, change your launchpad into something more (or less!) functional, or alter the 'ball' in some beneficial - or nefarious - way. The worst of these is the dreaded smiley. The smileys don't do anything. The ball metamorphoses into a cute, fluffy, and USELESS tennis-ball-like blob, and won't work on any of the blocks until it turns back into a blue piece. Some of the blocks put a nasty spin on the ball, and there's a magnetic block that does exactly what you'd like it NOT to do. You can also add spin to the ball by striking it on the move - just like with table tennis. The longer the ball is in play, the faster it moves, and the less time you have to hit it. Some effects are controlled by a timer, and will revert to their previous state if you can outlast the time clock.

In Two-player mode, saves (and losses), and multiple-ball episodes, are twice as much fun, and it's only half as difficult to win. You can also play two-player mode with one person! Just select the SAME input device for both players in the setup menu.

Twinblok is a good twist of classic Arkanoid game that combines bounce-ball-off-the-paddle gameplay with creative addition of "special blocks" that, for example, change direction of the ball or clear many blocks at once. Levels get trickier as you progress and become much more puzzle-oriented, i.e. there is often one specific path to clearing the level. Great fun!

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